What to do now?

so there is one girl of my college … she is very shy or acts to look shy… i dont know.

So this girl was 200% attracted to me because she ALWAYS used to text me first and say things like " i cant ignore you , no matter how hard i try " to me.

Then all of a sudden she has started to ignore me… she doesn’t text me first.

if i text her first…her replies arent interesting either these days.

what should i do now…i really dont know what happened to her


You wanna fuck her ?


did you complimented her after she behaved bad, I would assume that you turned her off at some point, Or perhaps she got a new boy friend who knows my dude, Can you remember in the last dialog that she was acually intrested? Perhaps you failed in some mind game that women are playing Some of them acting nice and shy to get attention, Have you ever gotten any excuses from her about daiting or something like this?

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You’re in the wrong forum. Go join this facebook group. Its run by my good friend brian burke. People there will have good answere for you.



Did you do any spell on her before?
I’m not sure what you’re asking from us but as a rule of thumb I’ll say this.
Talk to more than one girl, text 3-4 minimum so when one drops off or is uninterested, it doesn’t matter to you and you won’t think about her for too long.
Girls always have several guys hitting them up at one time so play to that game and talk to several girls so you’re on the same level and have an abundance mentality.


no… i am romantically interested in her… she is wife material

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Are you asking ppl here what to do on a mundane basis or a magickal one?

our last conversation ended very well . then i dont know what happened overnight.

But she told me that my friends were hooting after seeing her

both… i have done some magical actions already.

she is/was clearly interested in me.

i wll join that fb group :slight_smile:

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yes i have done some magic on her already.

she don’t talk to other guys.

she didnt even accept their friend requests…

Yea do yourself a favor and do that. Brian changed my life. He has a lot of free info out there, and his products are good as well if you are interested in really upping your game with women.

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Tell him I sent you. Rob from jersey


thanks bro

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call duke sallos

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do you have success with him .?

Nope . I asked him to bring me a girl and he said that’s not what I really want . He basically said to me that I’m not ready for a girlfriend and that I just want to mess around .

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Not long ago many magicians here did spell work for you to get a girl… have you given it ample time to manifest or are you trying to force it?

that spell didn’t brought anything.

I know this girl before that group spell working.

My venus planet is very bad :roll_eyes:

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Maybe she was sending signals that she liked and wanted you to make the first move but you took to long and she moved on to someone else and she stopped texting you because she doesn’t want any old feelings from you to rise up again.

Or maybe she is just to busy to text back? Or both?

Maybe you should just ask her is she is to busy to text back and if she wants to hang out and talk. Ask her if she is seeing someone new? And if she is seeing someone new ask her if she had any old feelings for you but don’t make it weird like you want to get with her just let her be with him. If you don’t want to really get with her and just want to be friends just say so.

Also if her friends were hooting at her ask people who to see if they can confirm it or decline it.

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