What to do after you casted a love spell

Hello all! I wanted to make a discussion where we can give guidance and tips to people who just had a love spell casted and want to know what to do now!

1.) Don’t obsess over results! Or your target.
Let the magick do its thing. When you let go obsessing over the results, you are basically telling the Universe/Spirits “well get to it!”. It is the same thing with obsessing over your target. They will come back to you, I promise, but as odd as this sounds, you have to let them go!

2.) Be thankful.
If you hired a spellcaster, or relied on a Spirit, thank them! Show the Universe that you are thankful for the help and support you are given. They can always help you in the future.

3.) Be optimistic.
Magick is worthless if you are thinking negatively or if you think your Specific Person won’t love you. You need to think optimistic. Remember, what you think will manifest, even your fears! Thinking negatively also shows that you distrust the power of the Spirit, the Universe, the Magick, and the spell itself, which is not only going to hinder you but it also is incredibly disrespectful and if you were working with a Spirit or spellcaster they may not work with you again!

4.) Love yourself.
Laws of attraction, baby. How can they love you if you don’t even love yourself? Show the Universe and your SP you deserve the love you desire by loving yourself first, and sure enough, that love will come right back to ya.

5.) Get proper guidance.
Sometimes, a love spell isn’t enough to get your person to come back to you. If they are shy, they might need a communication spell to get them to talk to you. If they are angry at you, you may need to do a forgiveness or healing spell to have them let go of their anger towards you so they can come back to you. It all varies case-by-case, so if you are puzzled on what to do, I suggest contacting someone who specialises in divination, psychic reading, etc to help guide you on what to do next and offer advice.

If there are any that needs to be shared, feel free to do so! I would love to read it. :slight_smile:


Wow, you know your stuff! This seems to have all the right info super concentrated! Bravo.

I know you’re not an angel person, but I will add that one of my favorite authors, Ars Aurora recently told me that if mental healing is necessary, you call Gabriel, not Raphael. I did this recently and saw far more movement. Very interesting!

This could be important, since it seems most people call seem to call Raphael almost exclusively for healing. Even a lot of the folks who use demons here on BALG seem to call Raphael quite a bit.

What a great point!

Love yourself, and also become more lovable.

The Shorshei Ha-Shemot angels are very helpful with becoming more lovable, and just a better, more attractive person overall. “Angels of Alchemy” makes it relative child’s play to access these entities that were once closely guarded. (The story of their guarding is online in Tablet magazine — it’s kind of crazy!)

I had this book for a couple years, and only used it the past few weeks. I feel so dumb lol.

I think because it looked a bit silly and mainstream, I sort of just wrote it off.

Amiel (angel of charm) and Vaviel (angel of fascination) hit particularly hard and direct for these purposes, but all of them help with general self-improvement. Upgraded people are attractive people!

Again, I know you’ve told me you’re not much of an angel person… Maybe you can provide the demon version of both of these for those more inclined that way?

Maria Padilla also seems like quite an interesting entity. No doubt you’re the expert on her!

This is so huge it’s not even funny.

In a way, I think the daily “accidental” magick people do is some of the most powerful… and if you aren’t disciplined with your thoughts and feelings, a lot of it is negative.

I suspect some of the biggest breakthroughs coming will be eliminating a lot of the accidental magick people sabotage themselves with, and then learning how to harness these thought structures and turn them around to actively help themselves.

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Try King Asmodeus or Prince Sitri. King Asmodeus for charm, confidence, lust, attraction. Prince Sitri for love.
Be respectful to them both if you are planning to invoke one of them.
They are both great and incredibly helpful.

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This is one of the most helpful posts. Thank you

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One more thing: Pick up a hobby, like knitting. It keeps my mind and my hands busy.