What tarot deck would be suitable for the Mastering Divination course?

I’m just starting and I noticed there are many different decks, so for this specific course what would be the best decks?

Thoth deck

In my personal opinion I believe that any deck that calls to you is the right deck. You do not need a specific deck for the course.

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In the course,EA Koetting uses the Thoth Deck,and teaches you to use the Thoth Deck,but emphasizes that you don’t have to have the Thoth Deck,and that any deck that resonates with you is good.

But that the Thoth Deck is his favorite,and that the Thoth deck is the one he’s teaching you.

I tend to avoid modern decks. They are mostly designed to be pretty and are based on the rider-waite deck. Which was full of blinds as most of waite’s work was.

The thoth deck is good but you might want to look at the hermetic tarot. The thoth and the hermetic tarot are based off of “Book T”. Besides this the booklet that comes with the hermetic tarot is considered to be on of the most thorough and includes referral to the decks relationship to the sephiroth and the paths of the tree of life

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