What state was I in?

Wassup everyone, just a few minutes ago I was doing the enn chant and also used Lucifer sigil to contact him. At first I was doing the sigil, I had the sigil in front of me and gazed at it like I’m supposed to. A few seconds later it started flashing then a minute or two my vision was going green a little as black spots came and went over and over then I felt like I was wobbling and so was my vision… I also felt like I had no weight as if I was flooting or my body was numb? Really don’t know but as that was happening I asked my question for Lucifer… Didn’t get anything so I closed my eyes a meditated then did the enn chant after that asked my question again… Nothing but as I was doing the enn chant and meditation, my eyes was opening but I did mean to or I think?

My question:

  1. What states or state I was in?

  2. why I didn’t hear anything?

  3. When my eyes where opening was it my eyes or was it my third eye and I thought it was my eyes?

  4. how do I get my answers

(If I didn’t do something right plz let me know)


Let me start by saying that I have nothing else to go on but my own experience, but it sounds like the sigil was opened and your enn was heard.

I base my rituals on results. That may make me behind the curve, but Im semi-scientific when it comes to the occult. With that in mind, what was your intent? Do you feel that you were heard? Do you think that things are working towards your intent? Has your intent been met?

Feelings, and such are personal. You have to learn them for yourself. Translate these experiences through practice and accomplishment. We all interact with the unseen on a personel level. Keep a journal, practice, and apply what you learn.

Blessings on your journey.

Ars Longa Vita Brevis


It seems like you’re doing well.
You seem excited, and maybe you’re stressing yourself out a little, but that’s how it usually is in the beginning.

I think the intent of your operation is initiation. You want Lucifer to show himself and blow your mind out of your ass. You’re sort of “asking for it” but that’s totally okay. It will be good to look back on this process later.

I’d bet a dollar that by the end of summer you will be looking up information about “grounding out”, the process of quieting the spiritual senses and tending to mundane life.

Don’t Panic


So I have to feel my questions?

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I don’t know exactley what you meen by “feel your questions”.


well, it means that if you don’t ask,
it becomes tremendously difficult to answer you properly.

It was a polite way of saying:

“Ask me clearly, else i can’t help you.”




I ask my questions but get no answer… So how do I ask my question?

I hope this helps.


Thank you I really didn’t know anything about that. But how do you know if your looking out your third eye? How do you know if you have opened it? When my eyes where opening it looked like my place…

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Slight perception change.
Different reflections of color.
There’s a lot of signs when it’s open. You just get better with meditation practice specifically the Kundalini practices.

You’ll know it’s opened once you gain some more control over specifically opening it. A lot of people open their third eyes throughout their work day without even realizing it. The third eye is an active part of the physical brain, not the spiritual body even though it most definitely effects both physical and metaphysical.


Wow thanks for the info I really didn’t know that.

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