What sigil is this?

Ok so I recently made a deal with Clauneck In a business legal investigation and he came through in the 24 hours window I was hoping for!!! Praise be. Literally one of the fastest acting petitions I’ve ever had and I want to pay him his dues before ANYTHING. Highly recommended :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:. Literally No charges no claims, no losses and full reinstatement of all accounts no gimmicks, fine print, attachments or half truths…

So now that’s out of the way, part of the return is creating him an altar piece and adding it to my collection for sacrifices and tributes… I found a piece I really liked to mabye print out however I’m not sure of the sigil in the background and although the piece is titled Clauneck and the artist made this their interpretation of him, I’m not sure of if this sigil is representing something else…

Does anyone recognize it??? Is it another one of Claunecks??? Or something different entirely???

Original link here




It appears to be this one of Clauneck from Book of Ceremonial magic, chapter 3 concerning descending hierarchy.

I can’t find it on the webpage for that, but that’s what it’s linked to- and it goes direct to Claunecks name when I click it.


Actually it’s the first image on the page, where it says seal and characters of Lucifer, but it also has Claunecks sigil there at the bottom. :woman_shrugging:

If you contact the artist, they almost certainly made this art with layers, and could remove it if you don’t like the seal in the background, and most likely only merged it to one image to make it a jpeg or png, should be as simple as hitting the hide layer button or delete layer button for them to just take out the seal.

If they save their original art file that is. I often delete mine, after I’m sure I’m done, but I’m familiar with how to layer things in like that, so that it appears to be all one image but it’s actually not- for ease of manipulating all pieces separately to combine them.


Is there a Sigils for succubus harem?

@Falllenangelicstan96 I really don’t understand how your question is related to the topic at all. He’s got a digital image with a partial seal and curious if it relates to Clauneck or not and I linked what I believe to be the source of the seal, and the full image…

But I don’t see how it has anything to do with succubus, ubi’s or harems of anything at all… and I don’t think either of us have read the full book to be sure, but it is certainly linked there if you want to take a gander and verify that. It doesn’t sound like it from the title. The book of ceremonial magic, but I could wrong- maybe…?


It related to the topic I might be wrong here, but when i came across this topic all I saw is " what sigil is this?" as the topic of this forum, my bad I just assume any sigils questions would be related to this forum topic what sigil is this? . The owner of this forum topic could have wrote it as What Clauneck sigil is this if he or she wanted to be just related to the topic of Clauneck

I’m sorry, they asked pretty clearly in this topic that they owns if this was indeed a seal related to Clauneck, as they would like to use the image to show respect to Clauneck.

I’m not trying to be mean, I just don’t see how you jump from a specific image to all sigils. I am trying to understand how you made that leap, truly I am.

I just doing by name of this topic that all which say what sigil is this?, I mean they didn’t if just wanted to be about Clauneck they could have written what Clauneck sigil is this? Don’t you see the different in the question

No, I am afraid I don’t since they clearly elaborated in their post and gave an image, as people often do with questions. :slight_smile:

When people say What sigil is this, they are usually asking for a specific sigil, if they meant multiple sigils they would probably use something like which sigils are these. But that would still imply they wanted to know about the sigils they had found, unless it was an written more along the lines of I will help you find sigils, Or I will identify sigils for you, which is not case as they are the ones asking the question, not implying they have knowledge to share. :grin:

@Lady_Eva Could you please clean this up when you have a chance?


It is Claunecks sigil from the book of seremonial magic. You find the book on Sacred Texts website.

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who is isekai?

Not who, but what and the answer is japanese fantasy anime.

That’s pretty much what I’m gathering, so I do believe it’s safe to use :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:. I love visuals in pictures on the altar cloth… It really helps me out channeling an entity

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Actually I did find it on the site

There’s quite a bit of sigils listed for numerous deities and you half to click on the cruise tab for each one individually lol
A tedious process but turns out that the one in question is actually listed with the other three in the photo as sigils for Lucifer…

And the bottom sigil just happens to look very similar to Claunecks but Clauneck is also listed on the site with his original. Slight differences…

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By Grimorium Verum (where this sigil is from) Clauneck is very loved by Lucifer, so perhaps that’s why you see Clauneck’s sigil in Lucifer’s character.