What should I do?

Hey all, I was wondering, how would I be able to go to witch meetups without tipping off my mom that I’m going to the meetings? (She’s a Christian and she would slash my tires before she’d let me go to a pagan/witch meetup). So how could I go about this with and without the help of any entities?

Look for classes, clubs, lectures, or other meetups that happen around the same time. (Keep it realistic - i.e. don’t say it’s a guitar lesson unless you’re prepared to cover your ass by actually learning how to play the guitar.) Or say you’re meeting friends (especially if you have any who are into witchcraft and/or magick).


Well, IF mom asks, you wouldn’t want to lie to her. I’m a mom and wouldn’t want my kids lying to me about their whereabouts, but you also don’t have to tell her exactly WHAT the meeting is about. Just tell her (if she asks) you’re going to go hang out and have a meeting with some friends. If she tries to pry for more info, just tell her it’s a meeting about exploring spirituality or something, keep it real simple.


And, If your mother is fairly “Psychic”, “Intuitive”, and such, ( what christians call “Gifts of the Spirit” ) , she might be able to “clairvoyantly”, see what you are really doing. Also members of her church with similar abilities might catch on to you the same way.
Maybe they are not this “gifted”, but something to consider

Bind and gag her every time you set out. Don’t forget the potato sack to put over her head.

You can honestly call it anything but a “witch-meetup”. Say it’s a philosophy group or something; ancient teachings from history. Get creative.

Lol just tell her it’s a meeting of friends, not a witch meetup :man_shrugging:


Have you considered telling a white lie?
If that’s not your style, you could just say it’s a meetup for appreciation of the nature people with tastes alike, or just tell her it’s a book club.
If not, maybe you might be willing to learn hypnosis and put it to good use.