What should I do with my Christian family?

So there are times when like I am FORCED beyond my will to go to my families Thanksgiving cookouts (which the history behind Thanksgiving is violent I don’t know why everybody celebrates it anyways) but then before we eat they tell use to hold hands and now our heads

so we can pray to our Lord and savior but I never liked praying when I eat my food not only that but I’m pretty sure God doesnt care that we are eating food and we should thank him for the food but like am u in the wrong for wanting to tell them “hey uh I don’t do that stuff” or should I just do it to get it over with and say nothing? Like I’m pretty sure if I voice my opinion that hey I don’t like this they well get offended but I don’t know what to you guys think?

if you’re underage, go along to get along. as long as your parents are taking care of you (food, clothes, shelter, education, etc) they’re in charge.
if you’re an adult, you shouldn’t be getting forced into things.


Nothing is stopping you from thinking of Satan or whoever you like during that time. They are not mind readers.


I’d ask myself: Is it worth the discussion or not?

If you feel the need to tell them, do it.
If it will only cause pain for both sides, don’t.


K. Thanks! =)

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