What should I do next with the succubus?

I have very poorly developed abilities and experience with such entities, in this I need a little help. A couple of months ago, she summoned a succubus, came, but eventually weakened. But she did not leave, but simply remained at my feet, I wanted to perform the exile ritual. But I got used to these feelings and decided to take the time and see what happens next. From time to time she would come, give a transfusion of energy and leave. But a couple of days ago she came back, I began to feel her much stronger. She is very strong and domineering. The first couple of days were with erotic caresses, now she calmed down a little and just lies on me. I tried to establish contact with her, at least by touch, but she either does not understand me, or deliberately pretends that she does not understand. The only thing that torments me is the question, why did she not pay attention for so long, and now she returned abruptly? Why did she decide to make full contact now? Please don’t tell me that she likes me and the like. I understand perfectly well that succubi are primarily predators and her behavior is not like falling in love. Maybe it’s not a succubus at all? I am still thinking about banishing her, but I wonder what will happen next. I want to know your opinion on this issue

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You haven’t said anything about what you’ve tried.

Did you try to make contact through a tarot, pendulum, dice, or similar?

Did you contact Lilith and ask for guidance?

Let us know. It may help for guidance.


Yes, of course, I tried using a pendulum and a plate of water. Lilith, like the rest of the entities I have tried to summon, do not come to me. My abilities are not very good, I know that.

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Hi,you can ask someone to scan you,search the forum.Do you want relationship with succubus,or something else?

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It is difficult for me to ask someone for help, I rely only on my own strengths and abilities. Yes, of course it would be nice to have a relationship with a succubus, it was an interesting experience.

Meditation help a lot,in my case.Speak with her,she will hear you,told her what bother you,and ask her to help you with psychic senses.Can you speak with her,or can you feel touches on body?

yes, I can feel her touching me. but she doesn’t seem to be interested in contact.

Maybe she want to go slow with you

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More like I’m being used. I will still perform the exile ritual thanks for your opinion.

Your choice