What should a target of an obsession spell be like?

Im curious to know what the target of an obsession spell should actually be acting like? If they are an ex partner


This all depends on the type of spell used and on your specific requests during the spell.
Genuinely, a spell like this will plague the target in their subconscious, then their dreams. They may find they encounter things in their day to day that remind them of you. Next thing you know, they are stalking your social media or driving by your house.
An obsession spell can get very dangerous for the target of the obsession.


As @LaStrega said, obsession spells can become somewhat dangerous, but not just for the target. I haven’t encountered this personally, but I’ve read enough stories on here, from both ends of the equation, to know that you should be careful with this sort of effect. I commented on a thread a while back (link here) by someone who had been targeted by one, which you may want to at least skim over.

Because they are an ex-partner of yours, a better approach could be to encourage reconciliation, followed by lust or love, or both, depending on what you’re going for. If you don’t specify how you would like them to feel as the end result, and only say that you want them to be obsessed with you, the easiest pathway to that state of obsession for the magick to take could be to make them consumed with hatred, or some other undesired outcome.

Not to frighten you, as this should not happen if your desire is clear, but it doesn’t hurt to be careful with this sort of magick. If you follow-up the magick that you have already done with one or two more rituals to steer things where you want them to go, that should suffice.

You may also want to give this situation some time to develop. It does not at all surprise me that my most clicked-on link, with around 50 clicks the last time I checked (5x more than my other most popular ones), is to an article on recovering lost love with magick.

I am well aware that this is an incredibly difficult situation to work through, especially with the possibility of magickal reconciliation at hand, but it’s important to remember that break-ups usually happen for good reason. Magick can always bring you an even better relationship in the future if you allow it do so.

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I’ve never been in a relationship with my son’s father, we were always just good friends for the past 22 years. We have a 2 yr old son together. My feelings for him are different than his feelings for me, meaning he loves me, but he doesn’t want to be with me…ever. So I THOUGHT an obsession spell would change his mind, make him think of me more, miss me more, and in turn, want to be with me.

The spell ended up turning him into an asshole. He would call me non-stop and if I didn’t answer, he’d text me asking why wasn’t I answering my phone, then call me again. He would threaten to send the cops to my place if I didn’t pick up the phone for a wellness check. If I did pick up, he would berate me for ignoring him, he couldn’t stop thinking about me, he wanted our son, etc. Then he would start with the obsessive facetime calls, asking to see our son, but would then immediately go right to me, asking why won’t I talk to him, why am I ignoring him, then he’d get angry and tell me he’s going to take our child away from me because I’m playing with his heart, how dare I fucking ignore him, the list goes on.

We went from close friends to strangers in a matter of weeks. This was last year. I’ve had a cleansing done, and vowed never ever, EVER to get an obsession spell done again. We’re cool now, he’s back to his normal self, and things are ok for the moment. I just accept the fact that we’ll never be together, and focus on us remaining good friends because that’s what I really want out of all of this. His friendship and for him to continue to be a good father to our son. Whatever makes him happy, even if it’s with someone else will in turn make me happy.

Obsession spells don’t always work the way people expect them to. If you have one done, please be careful.


Yeah its more an obsessive infatuation than love i guess
I think i need to cleanse my ex too because ive done too much on him and need to get him back to normal so we can at least be friends


Has he been acting differently towards you, or just in general? You can also just let these spells do what they do, give them time to work and then if you don’t see any results, do a cleansing and start over again.


Hes changed he changes his display photo all the time he never ever used to do that
Ive also noticed over the past few weeks he will comment on my statuses and things on social media
But then become distant again
Alot of back and forth but i dont know if this will settle in time however not seen him for around 15 weeks
We arent that close anymore either he doesnt text or pm me

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He could be distant for a variety of reasons, but it could also be because there’s a lot of work being done on him and it might be causing confusion or some conflicted emotions. If he’s starting to increase contact though, then maybe one of your spells is starting to manifest and it’s just a matter of waiting to see what will happen. When it comes to spellwork, it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since the person has seen you…the spirits will find a way to bring you two together. Just give them time to work.


Yeah hes had alot of other problems on the side so that could be what happening
Im going to give it until end of this year and if nothings changed i will cleanse again
Thats true one spirit did bring him back temporarily but due to some other reasons it fizzled out



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It was horrible, he became someone I didn’t know. I would never get anything like that done ever again.

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Yeah its awful
I feel mine drifting away all the time
Especially now he is in a new job

whats the spell

If you are thinking of doing an obsession spell, please firstly answer these questions:

  1. Will you be able to love them knowing damn well that their love isn’t true, only caused by a spell?
  2. What if you were put on a spell, would that make you feel okay?
  3. What if you are trying to rob a person of his happiness in life?
  4. What if your true love was robbed from you by using spells?

If these do not bother you, proceed. If they do - please, take a moment and appreciate what you have and what you may get in the future.

Best of luck

~ Zakeris