What satanism means to me

Most people, including those who call themselves satanists treat satanism as if it’s about being rebellious and angry all the time. Truth is a good look at the philosophy shows you it’s about freedom, to live your life in any way you want.

What most people don’t seem to understand is that satanism doesn’t just mean freedom from outside forces, but from oppressive forces within. Too much of anything is a bad thing. The wrathful can’t enjoy life. The lustful are easily manipulated. The greedy make plenty of enemies. Even compassion, love, and fairness can be bad in large quantities.

For one to truly be free, they need balance. The stereotypes of satanism do not mean freedom. They only mean self oppression. Satanism is a life affirming philosophy that requires balance, self awareness, discipline, and critical thinking. To act recklessly and cruelly is not satanic.


I agree to parts of this. Luciferianism is about rigorous self honesty, for my part that means there will be times when you crave excess and become the very embodiment of a Hollywood “satanist”, but at other times you will be more balanced. The existential power this offers can be too much for some, it is about learning to live without guilt. It is a hard road to put rationalism at the fore all the time - but this is what we should do, at all times, even in the maelstrom of personal and world politics. To act recklessly and cruelly is sometimes human, but to think about it deeply (not to “forgive” in the white-light born-again sense) and then change your course, as you see fit, - that is divine.

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I mean, it all sounds good on paper. Anger and rebellion kind of comes with the outfit. The ideology is named after the greatest adversary known to man after all. I think fluffing it up is a bit disengenuous.

It’s like soldiers turning to killing machines abroad, and then going home and trying to love their families. Those impulses don’t just vanish because you think they ought not to be there.

Freedom to be reckless and cruel if one needs to be. But i do find that with freedom i personally dont want to be reckless or cruel without good reason. To me satanism is ultimate freedom without guilt or any bullshit tiedowns. I feel like its exactly how you want it to be, however you see fit.

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That doesn’t mean you HAVE to always be angry or rebellious. I’ve dealt with anger for over a decade and a need to rebel against a culture that I believed doesn’t accept me. Eventually I realized that that sort of thing wasn’t serving me. In fact, it was only pushing me further and further away. With my mind so focused on rebelling, I missed out on building myself up and therefore have gone a long while being unproductive.

Satanism is about the material wealth, health, and happiness of the individual. Luciferianism is about the uplifting and evolution of humanity. So being in a constant state of anger only brings us down. We shouldn’t be afraid of being angry, but why destroy without the intent to create?

I’m just saying that this philosophy is very life affirming.

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I can dig it. If we’re talking strictly philosophy, then hell yeah–Hail Satan.

But in terms of energy, the current seems inherently hateful. And I don’t see how one would seperate the two. It’s the whole chicken and egg thing. Think of how you become more volatile from working with aggressive spirits.

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Anger management can be very difficult in spiritual terms. That is why I prefer Luciferarianism over Satanism. If you adopt the role of the adversary you must, by definition, be angry about something all of the time. Whilst anger can be productive to bring about destruction and change, a continued state of anger can be very debilitating and counter productive. It is far better to chose anger as a response from a wider toolbox of possible emotions than to automatically default to the state. Obviously, working with spirits who are themselves angry or imbalanced will increase and attract the same in your own life. There are caveats to this, but again you need to be very focused and specific in your interactions with them.


Most people who call themselves Satanists, especially LaVeyan Satanist are the people who have just got out from 90% of the shit of Abrahamic religions, and they subconsciously try to move towards the opposite side of the track, but they don’t realize that they still have a herd mentality, they are still following a set of rules, they are still doing what others tell them to do.

If a book is telling you what to do then you are anything but free.

Don’t run for labels!

Just take a look at Satanists, most of them are just edgy teens wearing black clothes and looking “evil” to piss others off. LOL!