What’s your favorite spirits of insight?

I’ve been having dreams that have been driving me crazy because I think it’s about the future and I want to understand what’s going on. It’s been affecting my emotions in the real world, too, especially through triggers like names and drawings I’ve been finding. In fact I’m writing this because I found something related to the issue I thought I threw away.

So, basically, who can help me explore these specific dreams and the triggers? They aren’t nightmares and I want to know if these dreams are from my paranoid hopes or from something else.

I personally like to work with Astaroth for gaining insight into situations. He/She reveals information to me in the form of very vivid, lucid dreams.


Berith, hands down. He’s very good with self discovery. He’s also quite chatty and pops up frequently and unexpectedly. Just have to move your ego aside and really listen. He gets pissy if you don’t listen properly or let your personal beliefs skew his messages. When he gets tired of your ego, he stops providing you with good info. That is what earned him a reputation as a liar. Listen carefully and it will be very rewarding.