What’s the weirdest offering you were asked for

I’m curious if this happens to a lot of people or if it’s something I’ve invited from my own subconscious.

I was asked for a gin and tonic to be poured into the river as an offering.
This hasn’t happened until I saw a video where the practitioner discussed wired things demons asked for to do a task.

So anything out of the ordinary, usually I’m asked for incense, wine or public recognition.


Does your ex count…?:joy:

But as of yet, I haven’t gotten any weird request…yet.


Lol sure why not

Not exactly weird, but Lucifer said “Bring it to me.”

I said bring what?

He said “Your ascension. Bring it to me. Your ascension. Your willing sacrifice. A willingness to grow, to ascend will serve you (us) well. We are one.”


I actually somehow concluded Sekhmet likes blackberries so I smeared a paper with her name on it in a blackberry popsicle. She was very happy.


I was actually asked something similar, the spirit said “dedicate yourself to me”
I thought it meant life long pact and asked for elaboration before I accept, now I see it as be more dedicated to ascent.
I should have said yes to that, instead it said fine pour me a drink over the river.

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Fear. But in retrospect I think it was more about understanding and development.

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