What´s the truth about the Law of Attraction?

As you know, much is speaken about Law of Attraction. I know that its main principles are already present in Hermetic Philosophy. However, I am interested to know whats the true power of this law, specially applied to mundane issues, like money.


Really works, the most reliable method I have in my armoury, and that’s regardfless of present paradigm & belief system (been at this a while so things tend to evolve & change). :thinking:

IS: something that requires constant focus, as Wattles says, that’s too hard for most people, but easy if you accept it as part of the process, and not a chore to be avoided.

IS NOT: wishful thinking, woo-woo, or weak compared to other methods.

You attract what you ARE, not what you half-assedly wish for. :+1:


It’s condensing thoughts energized by emotions long enough so you feel it on a consistent basis and will actually attract good stuff , think of a ring around yourself right now , your beliefs good and bad , your dominant thoughts and emotions in that ring, now whatever is in that ring is what you will attract in physical reality , the reason it doesn’t work a lot is because of this shitty society causes us to get trauma and holes in our aura , negative beliefs , and junk food destroys your energetic output ,


I have read a lot on this subject, but I want to be sure I study this law in a rigorous manner so Iknow exactly how to order the work. I suppose there are any good tutorial here, and if you want to share your experiences would be great.

By the way: are somewhat related to this subject, and is a serious approach the supposed guided affirmations meditations, accompanied or not by those binaural frequences, etc, or all are tales?

Different people have different views and philosophies on the subject , you should try it and experiment for yourself

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Yes but is better to begin by following some well stablished patterns.

It’s a simple concept but people try to make it complicated , your life is a sum of the energy of your dominant thoughts and what frequency they vibrate at , kybalion is good , Esther Hicks and Kevin Trudeau are good teachers , people sugar coat it a lot , asking is the feminine part of the equation, your going to receive the opportunity , and then taking action on it and engage your masculine energy

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Look for the book The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, it is out of copyright and there are many PDFs online free.

He is one of the best first teachers in my opinion, because he teaches the idea in a step-by-step way.

Affirmations are good in my experience, Afformations™ are like rocket-powered: information on this here.

I like Monroe Institute binaurals, not just any random thing on YouTube because they may be sabotaged or just not effective, a lot of people just want clicks and don’ty make quality products. Good binaural & subliminal stuff can definitely help though, in my experience.

It’s also nice to have something to listen to so you can feel even resting or reading is productive. :smiley:


You can fully deny the new age crap which will tell you the love and light.

What you think of, magnets and accumulates in the mental plane.In also your subconcious.Of course not every thought you will give is going to become a reality, only the ones you will resonate with.

Act like reality is lagging and it started to catch your success. :smiley:

I have to add, even if I never managed to read him, Neville Goddard is solid.


Regarding this statement, a thought came to my mind a few weeks ago, as I’m still learning about how magick works.
So, isn’t law of attraction with the intended, constant focus on your will/ goal in contrast with the rules of magick, which say to forget absolutely the spell you did, not lusting for the result and behave like you never did it…?


No, but good question!

The difference is in LoA you focus on gratitude as though you already have the thing, whereas lust for result is mainly about that exquisite tension in the wanting, “will I get it?” state.

You make room for it (physically, mentally, whatever it takes for the thing you seek), without worry or concern, and start feeling genuine gratitude for it being already in your life.

Wattles’ book explains it all and there are tons of PDFs, it’s out of copyright and he describes it step by step (you can use the same process for anything, not only for money).


Great Eva! Everything is getting in order slowly slowly :blush::ok_hand::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

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@Lady_Eva the funny thing with me is, i have manifested tones of desires with loa without even knowing how its called in the past,just because i was so sure, so confident of what i wanted. And sometimes my demand was so strong because i was in need of something for example,so it was literally, like i was ordering, commanding the universe to accomplish ny request, no Matter how crazy or impossible it was. And it was done, within a few days!!
But apparently, with magick i didnt have the same success. At least not yet… maybe because my intend was more pray, than intended request. And ofc, the lust…


If you have a method that works, stick with it! :+1:

I’ve sometimes fallen into the Shiny Things trap, chasing new methods, forgetting old things that work, but you can run LoA with almost every magickal method I have ever heard of, there’s only the chaos magick sigil thing where you’re supposed to forget the intent completely that’s incompatible (though even then someone could probably figure a way to make it work).


The key here is banishment of the ego, imo. I’ve been practicing LoA by accident, even before I got into magic. I’ll see something, and think, I want that! But damn, I can’t afford it right now (or some other reasoning comes along).

So I push it out of my mind (letting it go, with the idea in my mind that it doesn’t matter if I get it or not) and then the thing falls into my lap.

Happened only the other night. :grin:

Applying this method in magic is a bit more complicated, especially in matters of revenge or lust. It’s hard to get those things out of your mind and think, whether it happens or not, it doesn’t matter.

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That sounds a lot like a certain Bible verse. Give me a sec to find it…

James 1:6-8 - “But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all he does.”

I’m going through Pam Grout’s book. I started it before, but stopped when I got to the bit where you ask the Universe for a blessing or some such thing and my sweet dog died the very next day. I abandoned it for a whole year, but now I’m starting it again.

The hardest thing is learning to trust. I’ve been seriously abused all my life (just now really coming to terms with that) and still am, and no prayers ever saved me. As such, I have a disposition towards distrust that may have sabotaged my previous LOA efforts.

What do you think of Abraham Hicks?

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Insufficient experience to have an opinion on that, sorry.

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I like Pam Grout’s work, though I have never been able to get it to work for me. She writes very well, and her stuff is very upbeat and enthusiastic about Life. I bought her take on the Course in Miracles when it was released back in February, and it’s a pretty good read so far.


Does anyone know some trustworthy and effective youtube binaural sources for different purposes being one of them money?

Youtube or other site. I mean free binaural resources.