What’s the deal guys?! Ex confusing problems 🤷🏻‍♀️

So I did some working for a year or close to it to return my ex to me so we can reconcile and all that. Over time I did a lot of different approaches and spirits and ritual n all. Something finally happen. My ex reached out to me cuz he was worried about me due to this pandemic. And after two weeks of greats convo and just hanging out with no negativity. And the little bit of conflict we had because he messed up, We resolved and owned and we became good again. ThenThings shifted. He says since he’s still stuck at home and can’t get back, he’s dealing with family stuff. And says he’s still angry towards me and can’t deal with both rn. So I gave him space. Then I messed up, which I said in the beginning we may do but we won’t be stuck there. But I did. Same level as he did. And he condemns me for it and now says he’s going to listen to what everyone was telling him what to do and not talk to me anymore.
So I said. So you are letting other ppl influence you instead of deciding for yourself. He said yes and he’s ok with that.

So he’s back to blocking me on everything.
Except two lines of communication which I’m confused if he is deciding to not block me because part of him thinks he’s just temporarily feeling this way towards me cuz he has personal stuff happening, he’s using me, or he forgot to block me on it. Or he’s keeping it open to use whatever I later text him against me.
So guys, what seems to be the issue? Why is he keeping those lines open but blocks me on social media and refuses to talk to me? Prior he had blocked me on literally everything. This time he left two lines left. Why?


He messed up in the beginning too. But he owned it and we move passed it. I messed up and I don’t get a pass?

You could have looked away and move on from that at the beginning if you wanted to :man_shrugging:

I am not gonna judge you since we are free to do whatever we wanted, I mean there are still two places he didnt block you so you can work your way around.You have done it before.

What kind of work did you do to get him back? Seems like there are still obstacles like old fears/doubts/pain. Did you work on them already?


I don’t understand why do they have to block us,
I was so angry with mine because he literally sucked my life, so I asked some friends to spam his social media accounts and that worked.
I literally hate my ex now after being in pain and living in a hell about 3 years, I finally figure out he does not worth the fuss,.i want him to suffer but I am not gonna do anything about it I want justice so I had envoked archangel uriel to give him justice, All I need to do is to wait now…
So I feel you, exes are pain in the ass, we should unfortunately move on…

I’ve done a lot of work over this past year. The last thing I did was a group working with djinn. Honestly I can’t pin point which work did the job to have him reach out to me but that’s what happened. After two weeks of working towards being better, he did a 180. I didn’t do working on his pain towards me because I don’t know exactly what he’s held onto. And I work thro my own pain. Or working thro my own pain the old fashion cognitive therapy way.
He blocked me on social media but as of now still left two lines of communication at least available. As in he didn’t block it yet. Unsure if he still is just figuring out how he feels or if he just forgot tho.
It’s at the point where I’m still doing work on the situation but more focused on his mental state to clear up. The way he changed his mind so abruptly felt off tho. Perhaps it was just simply not enough working