What’s Leviathan all about?

Something made me randomly search my favorite band, Volbeat on YouTube the other day. And there was a new song: Leviathan. I listened to it, & thought, “OMG he’s perfect!!” The lyrics go…

Leviathan open your eyes
I cannot save the world’s demise
All alone with no armor
Your burning eyes shine from under

You said that you and I
Could make 'em all terrified
And clean up the whole world

I can’t really find much information on him anywhere. Like…what does he like? What does he do? I’d never given him any thought, but now he’s stuck in my head.


He is a god of the crushing darkness at the ocean floor, and one of the Kings of Hell.


You can read the whole article or just skip ot and go to the part it says about leviathan


He is very mysterious not many work with him why idk he is nice once you call on him gentle like water but stern and wild like the sea you need a black bowl of water and blue face towle I heard if you call him I’m sure he will come regardless with just his sigil n enn

His energy is like a cool breeze
And he isn’t bad at all

I don’t know much of what he does but he can give you forbidden knowledge and forbidden magic that I do know just note he can but it doesn’t mean the magic he can give that’s forbidden he will give willingly just call him and speak to him and he can tell you everything


Thank you for this @johnbad!!

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Btw VK Jehannum (the author of the article) is awesome. He is my go to source when I want to research a spirit.


I always take VK with a dash of salt, but in the case of Leviathan I agree with his overall assessment. Leviathan is a gentle powerhouse. I have been working with him more recently and he seems to be “waking up” as more people are hearing his call.


I can agree with this. He has a very similiar energy as Tiamat does with less intensity, which has lead me to wonder if Levianthan is a mask of her or her consort Abzu (which is where I am leaning more towards)


dash of salt? why tho?

He seems to take his personal gnosis as universal fact very frequently.

As an example, I work alot with Belphegor, and they frequently appear to me as a very curvaceous demoness because it appeals to me. But I would never say that is a set-in-stone aspect of Belphegor that everyone should acknowledge.


Yeah I totally get what you mean. Have you come across favorite incenses, colors, etc?

Taken from this book:

To cause chaos, confusion, and mistrust.

~ Rose, Theodore. Lucifer and The Hidden Demons: A Practical Grimoire from The Order of Unveiled Faces . Kindle Edition.

He can do the opposite too.


Leviathans are the reptilians are they not??

They’re a race akin to sea dragons, quite possibly demonic in nature depending on the group.