What’s everyone’s thoughts?

(Sorry for any spelling mistakes or if this doesn’t make sense im just in shock)
I started working with Duke Sallos and Duke Dantalion a few weeks back with getting my ex back but mostly focusing on myself (for obvious reasons) anyway both of them really really started to work with me I’ve been feeling better mentally and my ex has been listening to our old favourite songs and when we last saw each other we napped together and he kept kissing my forehead and cuddling me BUT for some reason I’ve fallen extremely ill it’s been about a week being sick it could be just a coincidence but it’s just too weird of a timing I’ve also been really tired and keep waking up at 11:34 am every day, Has anyone fallen ill after working with demons?

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In this case your illness has nothing to do with your magickal workings. It’s simply a virus going around.


Thought so! But wasn’t too sure thank you!

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