What Really Happens When You Die

First of all, I should make it clear that this is in no way an upbeat post. It is really rather sombre.
It is about the reality of end of life. So if you are feeling a bit delicate then you might not want to read it.

On the other hand, it is something that we all have to face at some point and maybe there is something here you might find interesting. There are a lot of aspects discussed on this forum that showed up in the video below. The video is descriptive, real world, scientific and yet leans towards being spiritual, with lots of things spoken about that relate to so many of the things we read around the forum.

Besides, one day you will want to know.

There are many posts relating to what happens after death but it seems not that many on what to expect at close proximity to it, on this side of it.

The reason for this post is that my dad’s death is coming very soon and I am trying to prepare myself for what is to come. A kind of pre-grief grief is what I have been going through for a number of months now.
Old age and ill health has taken it’s toll on him. I have seen him suffer declining health for about the past eight years and he knows his time is up. Just this evening I realised I haven’t really spoken to anyone about how I feel about this and since I found this video, thought it might help someone else here to understand the process when it is imminent and expected.

At the end of this video, Peter Fenwick says “We are all going to do it (die), so we might as well learn about it.”
He is a neurologist and has made many studies over the years on the phenomena experienced near to death and leading to what is experienced at the point of death. Some of the points he makes, I think will be of interest here as he explains the common experiences found by interviewing people at the very end of their life.

The video is an hour long, so in short, some common experiences to be expected:

  • Deathbed visitations/visions of the previously passed, also spirits or angels. Sometimes these visions have been seen by the relatives and children.
  • Light seen glowing then fading (by the relatives) at time of death.
  • Relatives getting the message in dreams or by sensing something.
  • Birds appearing and staying at the window of the patient.
  • Overwhelming happiness at point of death.
  • The noticeable requirement to let go of the attachment to all that has been known.
  • Drifting to the ‘spirit world’ and back before death comes.

All the above and more are the experiences found in common with everyday people.
And it seems to be a spiritual experience even for people who may not have any spiritual leaning.

I wonder what my dad experiences of this, apart from his obvious physical pain. The last couple of times I’ve seen him, he drifts in and out of sleep and not able to say more than a couple of words so he wouldn’t be able to tell me even if I asked.
Although his smile when he opens his eyes and sees me is the most amazing sight. That joy and shared sense of wonderment of being with him is something I have not known since I was a boy.

Perhaps I should or could be asking for something from this wonderful community here, but for what, I do not know.
I would like to give him comfort. I have asked Raphael to give him comfort but only really asked in a casual way.

This is a strange situation for me to be in. Should I, could I try to bring some spirits in to this situation. What would he think or feel about that and would he know? Would it freak him out? Would that be imposing on him and should I just let him be in his own natural way?

Close to death, I imagine, the brain probably releases all the endorphines it has.

As for your dad, prepare for the moment the best you can. Sit down with him and do everything you can to make him feel as comfortable as you can. Trust me, that’s needed, otherwise you will be asking yourself certain question in the future.

Ancestors spirits sound like a sound bet to me, in order to make him feel comfortable by occult means. But, please, do not neglect the mundane means.

And if at some point you feel you’re being selfish, that’s okay. It is okay being selfish, you’re entitled to your own emotions.

Best wishes to you.

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what do you mean?

could just live in the spirit world

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This is a big clue that he’s not suffering in the way one might expect.

Have a look at the Abraham Hicks material on YouTube. They explain death from their perspective very well. It might help you to make peace with things and to understand the greater reality when it comes to physical death. The one thing I always take away is this. There isn’t any death as such. It’s going from one state to another. It’s a change of perspective.

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I just wanted to write this here as a wish for peace for my dad.

I really don’t want to bring down anyone’s vibe or enjoyment by them reading this. So again, if you are feeling fragile or want something exciting to read, this really is not what you want to be reading right now. I am not looking for replies unless anyone wants to, you are welcome. This is just a means for me to write something down to try and settle my feelings and come to terms with what is coming.
Take care.

Thank you to all that replied above, you all helped with what you have said.

I have no other social media space to write thoughts or share and there is really no need for anyone else to read this but you are welcome to if you want to. I guess this is my way of letting it out into the ether. It might help me, it might help some others here.

Thank you ReyCuervo for suggesting about the endorphines releasing and that it’s ok to be selfish. That made me understand that my own well being, self care and emotions have to come first.
And thank you Silverfirefly for suggesting that he may not be suffering in the way one might expect.
That was comforting to read that and it made me feel that he has some sense of calm now.

I have not been on best of terms with my siblings for quite a number of years and as a result not seen much of my parents either so I have had to keep myself away from what I think would be a circus of despair. I’ve kept myself kind of cocooned away from the normal world.

My way of coping has been to occupy my mind with the more lighthearted things, nothing heavy or demanding. Reading books and writing up plans for some magick for the regular things I would usually want to perform if times were like normal. Also, watching old detective dramas on tv has been easy and oddly enough, my dads tv has been tuned to the same channel when I’ve visited.

My own peace of mind, peace and quiet. Reading lots of posts here on the forum has helped a lot.
Thank you all for giving interesting things to read.

As they say, life is for the living and I think it’s healthy to look forward to the time afterwards when things will go back to normal.

End of life will affect each and everyone of us and not everyone will find the right stuff to read to help in understanding how to cope, it’s all down to the individual anyway.

There is nothing more the doctors can do and he has now been off of all medication and treatment other than painkillers delivered by drip for the last few days. He is unable to eat more than small nibbles at a time, and only for the taste and only able to take small sips to drink. Not enough to sustain, only to taste.
His communication now is yes or no by nodding once or twice.
For the past week he has asked only for sleep and now asking for only peace.

It is my guess that with him drifting in and out of sleep he is already in contact with the spirits and whatever is on the other side.
He seems to be already mostly at peace, in pain for the few moments that he awakes, then back to sleep.

I don’t get to see him often and been playing the waiting game for the past few days, waiting for the news to come.

My support network has been basically this very vibrant forum, just reading around here and feeling connected to other souls who are either searching for answers or sharing their thoughts and findings really has helped me immensely.

BALG, and fellow balger’s, you are more than you think you are.

Thank you.