What Practices are Seidr and how do you perform them?

Hi Everyone! I was wondering what practices are Seidr and how do you practice Seidr Meditation?

Seidr is one of those difficult things to have a clear knowledge of as we don’t have a lot of information or history about what falls into that category. But the practice itself is quite shaministic and often involves deep trances. Though fate-weaving and ritualistic weaving of magick are common practices with Seidr.

To get an idea of some things that might be considered Seidr you can look at this youtube channel and this video. Another great idea would be to speak with Freya as she’s the goddess of Norse witchcraft/Seidr and can teach you a lot.

Some books related to Seidr and trancework -


Thank You! I’ll check it out

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I have that second book, frankly I didn’t feel like it did much for me. :person_shrugging:

It’s not bad, still decent for reference.

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I had seen good reviews about the second book, but I’ve not read it myself. I’ve got the first one and I feel the same about it. It’s something to reference and a good jumping off point but by no means amazing. I’ve struggled to find good material on Seidr.

Hi Does anyone know which of the Futhark Runes were or can be used to boost trance, concentration, Seidr, etc?