What one actually expereinces?

Hi All,

Was curious on when one makes contact with a demon, spirit etc. How do you really know it’s their voice your hearing and not yours in your head?

When E.A states his see demons does he actually see’s them like a solid image of someone standing in front of him or is it in his mind he see’s this?

Hope I made sense.



I do not consider myself particularly experienced working with spirits (directly, anyhow) but I will tell you what I can from my limited experience. Although, I partly worry it might cause someone to kid themselves.

Ultimately spirits do not really communicate with a voice and words, they communicate in meaning. Some part of you is just a very good interpreter that would make UN officials blush, and simultaneously translates that meaning into words for you. However, not everything fits in just words.

Because of this, IME, communication with spirits will always consist of various layers that are not just words. Any voice you get from a spirit will have other things coming at you other than just words and all simultaneously. How you will interpret all that I can’t say, since I’ve never really talked about it much, or seen it talked about too much, other than the occasional reference to “downloading packets of information”. I know that often I interpret it as alternating “waves” rushing upon me as they speak, often with some kind of corresponding “emotion” that hits me as the different waves crash upon me. On occasion, it may seem like something is being “shot” into me very rapidly.

The voice in your head however, is very well…in your head. It is almost like it is coming from within a hollow echo chamber that is devoid of much else.

They also probably won’t speak with your voice (and I want to say never will, but I don’t want to offend anyone - and haven’t experienced everything there is to experience). You know, that voice that you always have in your head, that tends to sound something like your physical voice. They will have their own voice, more along the lines of what you hopefully experience reading this: https://i.chzbgr.com/maxW500/5762738176/h6CE90515/ All with their own mannerisms and way of speaking.

Of course, the most obvious way you know it “isn’t in your head” (although it’s all ultimately “in your head”) is when you hear their voice with your physical ears, exactly like you would with another person. Heck, the first time I experienced that was with another person - I had my back turned to my mother and heard her ask me a question (“what are you doing?”). I answered. And we were both shocked, because she had only thought that, not opened her mouth. But to me, it sounded exactly like she had.

I can’t speak for Mr. Koetting, but I would presume both, at varying times. In the best of cases, you should indeed see and hear the spirit just like you would another person who stopped over for a visit. But you may not always get quite so lucky.

[quote=“Godesslives, post:1, topic:2512”]Was curious on when one makes contact with a demon, spirit etc. How do you really know it’s their voice your hearing and not yours in your head?

When E.A states his see demons does he actually see’s them like a solid image of someone standing in front of him or is it in his mind he see’s this?[/quote]

Have you watched EA’s lecture on YouTube “How to evoke spirits to physical appearance” yet? He answers that question at around 47:30 - here’s the link for the whole thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYTeFJvY-oQ

It’s a bit tougher to know the difference if you just do more of an invocation, where you kind of tune-in to a spirit, but again, results, characteristics, stuff like that will help you begin to recognise the difference between external’ “comms” and aspects of your own mind (which are also interesting to learn their distinct characteristics as well, but that’s another topic).

When I caommunicate with a spirit I tend to see more images and get direct knowledge “downloaded” into me like a fast series of epifanies about a particular subject, that convined with visions.

And when they do talk to me I don’t listent the words in my mind I get the impression of a word without thinking about it and they usually say things I would not been able to get it by my self.

When I get confuse and lost focus then I catch myself having inner dialog pretending to talk to the entity but is usually just circular reasoning about a topic, nothing new about it. In the end you can really feel if you’re prettending to yourself to not look like an idiot surrounded by candles in the middle of a smoke attack.

Sometimes (I think this can get more frecuent with more practice) I can listen the words as if someone is speaking to my ear but funny enough like if were talking to the point that is just bellow the ear, life if there are my astral ears, and the voices sounds just like anybody speaking to you but different enough to know is not a person.

About seeing entities I can only get into seeing shapes, invisible shapes with a somehow clear outlined of a form. At the same time I get images on my mind.

When I opened one of my first sigils some months, it was Sitri, I saw this cat eyes looking at me in my mind, it was really cool, then I had this pressence following me around and was cat-like with wings but it said it was a familiar and then the thing will do crazy stuff like hiding in things and I would see it only on my mind, it disappeared later on.

On my last evocation I had the eyes closed because I was focusing on a image of a being, but then I thought I may have been trying to create a form so I just opened my eyes and was surprised to see a very different form in front of me, so surprised I lost my concentration.

Hope it helps, the thing is that the more work you do, the better because the inner experiences start to take form in the outside.

There is a certain form of general progression when communicating with entities, how it starts appears to depend on the variables within yourself and then the interaction with an entity that you have successfully established contact with.

To your original question, this progression will reach a point where your imagination impresses itself onto your physical imagery so you can perceive it with your physical senses. But before that happens… the very very first thing you’ll probably get if you are successful and developed sufficiently is instantaneous imagery or wording that occurs internally which you would be aware of without having to force it.

Sometimes, if you make contact with deities for example, they tend to be more flashy in their means of communication and would use more force to get their point across which kind of works well for those who are not yet so developed since they will make use of whatever workarounds they can create to ensure you receive what they want to say. This can vary from biological reactions you may have to things you “see” that aren’t there in the flesh but yet has its meaning automatically translated to you.

Rawiri mentions that there is a distinct voice, yes that does occur but at the same time it appears that they can utilize -your- voice as well to enable communication. Why one or the other activates however, is not something I’ve discovered yet.