What offering does forneus accept?

So I was reading the book “The magick of influence” by corwin hargrove and in it is a spell to summon forneus to make somebody afraid of you. But in the book, part of the spoken words are “go now forneus and know that I will reward you with _____”.

Question is what offerings will forneus accept? Should I offer it during the ritual as I speak those words? Or should I wait until I see results?


I think this should be posted in the evocation section bro. This is the introduction section, and it’s probably why nobody has responded to you regarding this question. When you start a post, look for the topic menu, and select the appropriate topic. When you don’t, you either get ignored, or the moderator has to move it for you.

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so forneus loves sunflower seeds, that’s what I give him.


Sorry My bad.

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Some of his other books offer suggestions by demon, one he mentions appreciates you fasting and having hunger pains. Does he not offer the same advice in this one?

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I know the ritual you are speaking about. In the book, the ritual states what types of reward Forneus prefers. It’s the pact you make. Forneus does something for you and you do something for him. My experience… I was pretty specific. I told Forneus exactly what he could expect from me. When I evoked him, he responded immediately. I barely completed drawing his sigil, when I heard him, in a soft male voice say, “Now, its now.” I promptly spoke my request. Then I ended the ritual. I felt tired afterwards, so I laid down to take a nap. When I was in between being asleep and awake, I was shown a vision. I was walking with a man beside me, as we walked his arm was snugly around my shoulder… protecting me. He was much taller than me, and my head rested on the inside of his arm. I took that as a good sign.


Yeah. I’m getting ready to do some rituals now. I’m gonna try using the book “demons of magick by gordon winterfield”. Just out of curiosity. After you are done your ritual, petition for results, evocation, or whatever you would call it. What do you do with the sigil? I will probably print one by computer/printer. Is it wise to burn the sigil after the ritual is over?

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With seals, you generally don’t burn them until you receive the result you asked for. I would just store it somewhere. However, with the GOM sigils, I don’t think there is any harm if you burn it.

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Burning a sigil would be the one thing you would NOT want to do. I’m not at liberty to say why, but take my advice. You should keep the hand-drawn sigil in a safe place. You may have quite a collection… so you must protect the sigils in a safe place. You must remember that a sigil is a direct link to these gods. You are using that link to gain access to them and they are obliging you by giving audience to your request. If you absolutely must dispose of them, wrap them all in a black cloth and bury them where they won’t be disturbed.

My apologies… as a newbie, I wasn’t aware of the posting rules.

I rewarded him with both hunger and pain. All I can say was I believe he accepted both, my request was granted.

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