What offering does forneus accept?

So I was reading the book “The magick of influence” by corwin hargrove and in it is a spell to summon forneus to make somebody afraid of you. But in the book, part of the spoken words are “go now forneus and know that I will reward you with _____”.

Question is what offerings will forneus accept? Should I offer it during the ritual as I speak those words? Or should I wait until I see results?

I think this should be posted in the evocation section bro. This is the introduction section, and it’s probably why nobody has responded to you regarding this question. When you start a post, look for the topic menu, and select the appropriate topic. When you don’t, you either get ignored, or the moderator has to move it for you.

so forneus loves sunflower seeds, that’s what I give him.

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Sorry My bad.

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Some of his other books offer suggestions by demon, one he mentions appreciates you fasting and having hunger pains. Does he not offer the same advice in this one?