What music does the Djinn like, in your opinion?

I want them to hang around me more often lol
But in all seriousness, I find when I play certain types of music, they come around and listen.

Here are some music from Youtube that I suspect that they like:

Relaxing Armenian music with Duduk:

Sad and Mysterious Armenian Duduk music:

Sufi Meditation Music La Illaha Illa Allah:

Voices of The Night (BEAUTIFUL CHILLOUT MIX) يا ليـــــل

Sufi dance:

You need good speakers for this, so they can hear!

Thanks for checking out my post. I hope you enjoy the music.

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I sing to one during most work days. We were introduced during my first “formal” foray into necromancy. I have a 6 disk cd changer in the car (upgrading this type of car would cost thousands, way it was built). She typjcally chooses between a few of the songs.

While she appreciates that, as I sing to her, she also appreciates coming in for food and drink. So, some combination.

As for the songs, two old BatteryCage songs - Anti Angel and Lethal Angel. When I drive the other car, with Bluetooth, that can change, but typically doesn’t.

She appreciates the food, song, and whatever I’m drinking. Typically energy drinks or coffee in the mornings or teas or alcohol in the evenings.

She’s welcome to come in and listen to other things, but I’m usually distracted by work or what I’m doing. She seems to prefer the consistency, in my case.

Been consistently doing this for over a year with her and others.


bro i am not sure if u know, but thats actually a song to the islamic god [Allah]. the title means: there is only one god and one god only.

I understand and have some experience that the Djinn like Sufi music.
It is NOT my intention to promote Islam, although I do not want to insult it either. I am trying, myself, to understand Islam better by reading the Qu’ran, although I am a theistic Satanist through and through.
I was told that many of the Djinn are Muslim, and it’s good to be familiar with the Qu’ran and Middle Eastern culture to understand the Djinn better too. (I was born and raised in Canada, a Westerner.)


Thats true many jinns are muslims and many arent

they are just like humans… but if u are interested in working with those muslim jinns then i think when my jinn book is done, will be really helpful. Its kinda advanced though. because you will be using planets, specific plant hours, and planetary squares (which is the part where i say is kind of of complicated and advanced).

I was considering writing that here in BALG but im not sure if i want to do that… cuz thats a huge part of the book, i feel i will burn the value of the book if i release that here before the book.

Be Blessed

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I agree with you that it might not be a good idea to release your material here before the release of the book.
I am a beginner to everything Djinn and magick too, I have been introduced to them back in April or May 2019, although I am decent at channeling the Powers of Hell and I am working on my psychic Sight.
I eat up everything (not literally, but I am hungry for) anything about the Djinn, even if I am unable to practice Djinn magick without tools, because I live in an apartment and I cannot burn incense and candles indoors because of the smoke detectors. I used to do rituals on the balcony late at night but I live on the third floor, and it’s a high traffic area where people have stood and watched me from the street, to see what I was doing lol.

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I live in an apartment too, and trust me incense is okay to be used inside. just dont use too much. and in terms of candles as long as you are putting them down once ur done, you should be fine.

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I can’t burn anything indoors, my dad will have kittens and yell at me if I do. I don’t leave anything unattended like candles on the balcony.
I might just get a spray that has a mixture of essential oils in it to prepare the space, that’s okay for sure.

not that i know of… I am one of those people who believe candles are really important along with incense. cuz each work as a gateway for the spirit. one for the spirit to come and the other for the spirit to behold a form.

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