What makes spells/rituals POWERFUL?

I want results. Powerful results. So, I think I should get a hang on this question to try and do my own work. What makes them faster and stronger? Familiarity? Amount of energy? Wording? Ritual tools?

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Strength of will. Focus of mind. The rest is props.


and energy


I feel like there are other things. I got tons of will I can draw on, and focus isn’t an issue.

Sounds about right, though! I’m actually, lets say, enchanting THESE glasses.

What do you feel from them?

I want to really boost the effect, but I want to give it the good texas face smack of power.

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My experience is bfre ritual. A reading, be 100/ clear, uncross, energy, will , and the rgt focus plus rgt spell. Or spirt

I find that rather than focusing so hard on something happening, I know it to be true already. I already know that what I want will come to pass. It isn’t if, it’s when. I have already made my goal such a reality in my mind, I just wait for physical reality to catch up. And it does.

Faster is another issue. Some magic takes years for everything to fall into place. What is it you want?

Well, if you are relying on an external magicial system, I would argue that developing a deep personal relationship to it can be a way to amplify it. When I am pathworking with a specific system, my goal is to blur the lines between my life both within and outside of the ritual. Essentially, allow the system to become a part of myself so I may better understand it.

Outside of working with a specific system, I am in agreeance with both @Dusk and @Witch.

I use the physics definition of power. Power = Work / Time. What makes spells powerful is the ability to get the task done fast.

A lot of times sending a message is more powerful than lighting something on fire and saying an incantation because it is much easier to check if a message was received and understood.

Hm, I’m not sure I agree. Sometimes, a series of events has to take place for the exact desired result to come about. Not all tasks can be done fast.

Will power, the energy to back it up (or the external source you ask to back it up for those that do those kind of rituals) and for me the lust for results feeds my manifestation of what I want.

Not to mention the window of possibility has to be available.

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I dunno. I’m about 50 % convinced all of this is a massive head trip or result of self hypnosis. Person uses an entity or does something, and something happens, but what happens could have occurred only because of a cognitive bias in which they look for a pattern of such things occurring… And so its a confirmation bias maybe?

What makes powerful magick work? Probably entities. Use entities to do the work and u’ll get faster stronger results…We humans kinda suck at magick compared to Djinn, or demons, or astral entities, servitors…Honestly, only 50 % convinced any of this is real, and that those moments things occur because the practitioner wants something some entity unseen wants, and so the synchronicity occurs…Nothing else wants what u want…guess what results you will get-NONE!!!

No amount of chants, gesture, etc is gonna do anything at all but waste a tremendous amount of time and energy you could have used sleeping or something more interesting…Work, will, focus, all of this is a crockpot to my observation, and an expenditure of energy that will lead to disappointment…

Its all in the entities or the developers of this collective of simulations if u will. They find what u want entertaining enough , and u convince them to align with what u want, it happens…almost with minimal effort on ur part. They can also hinder u if they feel ur too one sided, then ur spells will never work unless u evoke something (which is about the only form of sorcery that exists Im beginning to be more convinced) . If, nothing has your back in the unseen world, ur wasting ur time even trying

Power,energy,intent,and will power.

For me I act as if my wishes weren’t fulfilled and all of a sudden switch to being extremely certain that the magick has worked with great relief and gratefulness.

It is said to have the best magickal effect.

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Hey. It all boils down to how strong the caster’s intent is in the spell. This requires focus- no distractions. You have to out your all into each spell. Also when I cast, with demon or not, I always add dragons blood oil to whatever condition oil I’m using and burn dragons blood resin on charcoal with whichever incense the spell calls for. Not only does it offer some protection, it also adds some oomph to your working. Adding a drop of your blood when working with a demon to the oil you put on candle helps too. Timing is important, but if something needs to be done right away, don’t wait. Spells are like alarm clocks, we set them go to sleep and forget them until they go off. Magick is similar to this, once it’s set don’t even think about it. Don’t dwell on or sweat whether it’s working, just forget it and go about your biz

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I’ve read, in a book too many years ago to recall its title, but had to to with how to be more receptive in meditation/spell work/scrying— it’s most useful, for me, advice on how to open up, thus having a better connection, is to use your mind the way you would perform long division mentally— that particular exercise helps with vision working. The whole “power” thing from OP made me think of this, yet respond to your response to him. What do you think?

This right here. Often liked to say that oneself is the most important tool when it comes to making magick truly work.

Do a search here for Elhaz (runic body posture).
Hope that helps.