What makes something divine?

Divine symbolism, divine consciousness. What does that even mean?

A loaded question that will give many subjective answers.

In my opinion divine is something that has one of the many sources within it, a living soul, creation, etc. Divine consciousness atleast by definition is simply something that is of “higher consciousness” awareness of the “all” both inner and outer.


The root of the word Divine is Deus, which is latin for Zeus, king of the gods. So, all related words are to be understood in that context, Divine can be translated as “of the gods” or “of a godlike quality”.

What gives the gods their immortality and divine powers is their drinking of Ambrosia or Nectar, the Hindu equivalent of which is Soma or Amrita.

So, I would say, whatever drinks of the Nectar of the Gods, is of divine quality. This Nectar is actually secreted by the pineal gland upon illumination, hence the pinecone symbolism in ancient art.

This nectar is often compared to a combination of Milk and Honey, because it is viscous and golden honey-white in colour. In actual fact it is liquid light, an as of yet unknown fifth state of matter. The realm of the gods and the gods themselves are made of this matter and the illuminated seer gradually becomes like the gods by drinking the nectar and “upgrading” his body to one made of luminous liquid light, so to speak. That is in fact what ascension and becoming a god is all about.


Importance that’s sacred I suppose