What makes a demon

So in an interesting turn of events the other day, I was able to ask a few questions to a spirit of knowledge, and I got answers.

I think you will find one question I asked particularly interesting. I asked the spirit What makes a demon? I got an answer. The answer was surprisingly simple, a demon is simply a spiritual entity that follows no moral or ethical code within it’s hierarchy.

I did some divs and fact checking, just to be safe, and I found that this was absolutely the truth.

So before you go thinking your demons are better or different, the only thing that makes a demon a demon is the lack of an ethical code that it follows. Anything beyond that doesn’t make a spirit any more or less demonic.


I find demons to be animated archetypes. Taking on infinite forms. Concepts, words having a form. Consciousness given to words. In what ways exactly does their field of perception differ from ours?


The perception of a human is like a dried up rubberband that breaks when stretched too far, but the perception of a demon reaches further and doesn’t break as easily.

…and I wouldn’t say that a demon is without ethics and morals. The rubberband analogy is very much adaptable there, too. That’s how I see it, anyway.


I was thinking if Demons use to be human, i was just wondering would a human have to travel to a realm where the Demons actually exist to burn the humanity away to become a Demon, people go to University to learn to become a Teacher, Doctor, Volconoligst, Archiologist.:sunglasses:


That could be literally any spirit, not just a demon.


That makes a certain sense. ‘Code’ is an important word in that proposition.
Does a fish or spider adhere to any ethics?
Maybe there’s a sort of law in nature, but there’s certainly no code.

A demon could be seen as a carnivorous conceptual agent. A demon who is aligned with a certain concept will seek to force that concept into our material plane against the interests of other concepts.


Could you clarify what you mean by “within its hierarchy”? I ask because I was of the impression demons respect their own given hierarchies, so while that may not be a “moral” thing, it implies a voluntary (or other) code exists that transcends just whatever the demon wants to be, do, or have.


Well, from what I’m aware, even though there are the big-dog demons like in the Ars Goetia, there are also weaker demons that are basically subservient to the stronger demons. In this case a hierarchy would be the big-dog and his, basically, minions.


Right. I have read about this as well. Demons by nature will do what you ask without a instinctive moral as to how the task is complete. An Angel for example are known to reject a task (unless you absolutely demand it) if it will harm yourself, others, or will lead you into a worse off situation. Demons typically just “get it done”, which is why majority of even balg feel demons work more swiftly and accurately…