What kind of magic uses human bones?

I’m curious 'cause I read about some cold cases which were supposed to have been done by magicians(to be detailed, shamans).
They seems to have excavated people’s bones out of graves, used them in their ritual, and left them on the site when it was over.
So I’m wondering- what kind of magic uses human bones? If there is one/are some, then what purpose do human bones serve in its/their rituals?

Necromancy uses bones to call upon and command spirits of the dead.

Bones, particularly skulls, are also used in Voodoo and general black magick as power objects, fetishes, and as houses for spirits.


I’ve seen some use bones in Norse magick I think it was for runes. However, I doubt/don’t think they were human bones.

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There are old Polynesian practices where they used bones. Some of this was to honor the relative/friend, but there were also practices of binding the spirit via it’s bones to serve as a protector.