What kind of dragon's blood do you use? and why do you use it?

I haven’t ever used dragon’s blood. I just started trying to learn about its uses, and I found out there are several kinds.

dracaena draco, draceana cinnabari, croton lechleri, and daemonorops draco

dracaena draco (true dragon blood) This plant is a native of the Canary Islands. It grows very slowly and has been used for such a long time, that it is now an endangered species. Looks like the only way to get resin is to grow your own tree. Spruce website says it grows up to 50ft, but it grows so slowly that if you get a small plant you can keep it inside for at least 10 years before it gets big enough to be a problem.

croton lechleri found in Peru by the Spanish. This plant resin is mostly available in nutrition supplements or skin products

dracaena cinnabari (Socotra dragon blood, Roman dragon blood) This plant grows at the edge of the middle-east was brought to Europe by the Roman Empire. It is the dragon blood of medieval witches. [don’t mix up the plant cinnabari with cinnabar (mercury oxide):cowboy_hat_face:]

daemonorops draco (dragon’s blood) This plant is a fast growing palm tree native to Indonesia and Malasia. It is the most widely available dragon blood.

yes I think there are a few more kinds of dragon blood that I will skip.

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I prefer the bark of the Dracaena Draco tree more than any resin types because it’s the least processed part that is still connected to the roots. While it grows slowly, it’s slow growth seeps it in such intense power. When you receive the bark it’s so strong your hand and arm can vibrate, just from touching it.

For beginners and the less financially fortunate, I do recommend the cinnibari tree for both it’s resin and oils. It’s less intense, but easier to afford.

The Croton tree’s natural latex is the second strongest, and if you’re looking for spiritual medicinal uses, this tree is the best for those purposes. Just make sure you don’t directly ingest these things with overuse.

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where did you get the bark? Are you growing a tree? @Angelb1083 likes growing plants. Maybe she should try growing one.

You got me thinking. I went to Sequoia National Forest maybe 1984… and I been pissed off ever since. I don’t know how many 800 or 900 year old trees were cut down by lumberjacks ( In my book anyone that cuts down a 1,000 year old tree should be tortured and publicly executed) , but one of the trees on display was 1,200 years when it was cut. and the other was 1,500 years.

I wonder what kind of power is in an 800 year old giant Sequoia tree. [imagine a 15 foot diameter telephone pole that is 300-350 ft tall]

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Idk what kind am I using :sweat_smile: I have a dragon blood oil and I use it to charge sigil, anointing candles and offering for Spirits. It’s a high vibrational oil so can be used for any intention really. Goes well with protection and empowerment spells.