What its like working with Asmodeus

I heard many people talk about experience there with especially Belial

I am curious what is it for you people working with Asmodeus in comparison to other entities ?

King Asmodeus was the first demon for me to work and connect with. He is a very important deity in my dark pantheon and I wear his mark. He is a wise teacher, who taught me a lot about directing and using my energy in a more pragmatic way, so that nothing would go to waste. Asmodeus also did not reveal me his true/prime aspect right off the bat, and did so only when he felt that «I will go far». As a king of wrath/war/vengeance/ambition and a ruler of mars associated Golachab his presence feels very fiery and empowering. Also, ironically, he who is known to the crowds as the «Lord of Lust» taught me and encouraged abstinence. The reasoning for this is quite simple. One should not waste himself(his time and energy) for things little, which drag you down and make you stale and drained. Instead focus all your force to achieve truly important goals and transcend. And last but not least, Asmodeus is very powerful in destruction rituals and doesn’t get enough credit for this.

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"Lord of Lust… but abstainence…"Has he ever given you Maya Knowledge, yes he taught you to dont get trap by Maya but has he gone to next level of it of teaching how to use that Maya to trap others or even just promoted it to you.

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Hi bro, I need a kick in my ass for my awakening, is he recommend for newbies You know about that…?

Generally speaking, there are no «starter demons». Try to connect with those, who you feel most drawn to. That’s how I chose Asmodeus, who later also directed me to Berith. Yes, there may be some demons that are more difficult to establish connection with, which are often «outside» the regular system, but you most likely don’t know any of them as knowledge about them is pretty rare, so no reason to worry.

Promoted? - yes, that’s exactly why he left his mark on me. Asmodeus also gave me the permission to devote my athame to him.
“…but has he gone to next level of it of teaching how to use that Maya to trap others…“ - Also yes, even though he often likes the direct approach.
As for the «Lord of Lust» it comes from the Hammer of the Witches and thus directly from the Catholic Chuch which twisted a lot of knowledge about demons. Hence why the majority of practitioners don’t correlate Leviathan with envy, Beelzebub with gluttony, Belphegor with sloth etc. And yet… A lot don’t let go of the lord of lust thing. Says a lot about human nature xD.

And what kind of communication use with him ? Are your psyquic senses open ?

Meditation works the best for me. It was not necessary for me to perform an invocation or evocation to simply talk to him.