What It Might Be?

I was minding my own business washing up for the day earlier today pacing up and down the hallway when i turned to face my room.In my minds eye i saw a jet black four legged dog-like creature standing about six feet from me.It had longer front legs than its back,and it had a stout upper body kind of what a bulldog would have.The creature had no real defining features except what i had mentioned above it being jet black.Has anyone encountered something like this or know what it might be?I probably should mention that i have been doing a banishing ritual mentioned in one of Jason Miller’s books on protection and reversal magick.The ritual does have a female named Dimgali and she does have a face of a dog but i don’t think that’s her.The ritual is Hekatean in nature though if that helps.

Hellhounds are guardians of sacred places or are heralds of more powerful spirits.Either way, its a good sign, they can be frightening but they are very good at keeping anyone or anything unwanted away from your ritual area.

You would think seeing something like that would have scared the hell out of me but nope.I was more like what the fuck is that and why is it just standing there looking at me?Honestly though i didn’t think hellhounds actually existed but its nice to be proven wrong about something like that,and that was my intent actually to keep wandering and truly malevolent spirits out of my ritual space and my room to boot.Since i can’t do rituals anywhere else but my room because of others in the house.That and the fact that they just might start getting nosey about what i’m doing going around in circles speaking latin and waving my athame around.