What it could be?

Hi ! I am feeling coldness in the room very often ( maybe also a little bit hot but idk because it is summer here ) . Also , i feel touches like electric . What could it be ? Thanks in advance .

Have you banished recently? Was this I side of ritual, outside of ritual? Your description isn’t enough info.

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Cold often = the dead/shades/ghosts/guedes. Other likely possibility is some other form of cthonic spirit.

Electric phenomena makes the former more likely, since poltergeists are notorious for fucking with electricity and magnetic fields.

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I did it several times but it didnt help . I havent done any ritual , but i saw on the internet that electricity and coldness is the sign of the demon and after that First time i felt it was when i was using pendulum and someone Said that he was Bifrons.

Thanks , i wrote down that First time i sensed it was after using pendulum when someone Said that he was Bifrons . I did banishing but it didnt helped . Also, my makeup brushes are missing (2 of them ) .

I’ve felt cold chills from Shadow People and regular dead entities that strongly manifested. If you have more details, it may give you guidance. Best of luck.

Thanks for the help . I found on a site that demons make cold when that came and their touch feels like electricity and like i Said it happened after that pendulum so i am not sure could it be him but i Doubt .

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Not always. For me demons come as flaming entities.

Thank you , but my senses arent really open .

For me I feel fire pouring down my body and trembling