What is your thoughts about Lilith?

You have shared a lot about your experience with Azazel, Belial and other male spirits of the higher hierarchy, but you rarely talked about the female counterparts.

What is your thoughts about Lilith? Have you evoked her? If so, what did you learn from her energy?

As I see it, and experienced, Lilith is a force to be reckoned with. A great teacher, protector with deep motherly instinct to those she choose to work with. She might be infamous for her darker forms in her presence and most people freak out and stop working with her. But she also have a lighter, divine personality within her, which can be revealed and awaken to whom she see “deserves” it.

Even though she’s been shortly written about in the Bible, she is much older than that. She is mentioned in the Mesopotamian religion, which came before Christianity.

I’m curious of your thoughts of the Goddess Lilith. And if you haven’t experienced her, have you ever given thoughts about evoking her?