What is your preferred method of banishing besides LBRP?

I just want to cleanse my space before I talk to Paimon again. I also plan on writing Lilith a letter for you know what, so I want to make sure I can cleanse energies well.

So, I’m asking for varied methods of banishing, not just LBRP (which is long and complicated)

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Try the Star Ruby ritual :star_struck:


Due to the nature of my energy I usually create this kind of vacuum that’s suctions out the dirty energy or I create like this pseudo sun made of my energy and have it cleanse/burn away the dirty or stale energy.

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Lbrp is not that long or complicated. You can translate the words in your language and be much easier to memorise and the effect of it won’t change at all. There is also a demonic version of it if you are more inclined into demons. It’s the one I use and it works wonders for me.

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I do nearly the same thing :smiley: So cool. Fire for life. haha

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Due to who I am i use the OBRP and never the LBRP

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Banishing ritual of the tetrahedron

My preferred method of banishing is myself.

I focus my energy and blast the area with bright white light from within my core. Even non-magicians have felt it.

It can be tiring when I have to keep the blast going for a while, but it’s both efficient and effective.

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Can you blast other people’s negative energies as well?

The easiest way is Kof banishing,repeat this incantation 3 times !


I like to use the plants - Angelica, hyssop, laurel and periwinkle (gathered on the first day of the moon - there are other days traditionally used to gather periwinkle, but the first day since succeeding deipnon, its generally the day of the month i am most “clean”). I also call Hekate in directions - using her titles Ourania, Kthonia, Einalia, and Phosphora, with my own embellishments affixed.

Has anyone made a phylactery or containment jar to “vacuum and store” negative energy. Same with other energies? It sounds kind of out there but seems a tad bit of a waste if it could be stored and locked away (maybe too much Friday the 13th the TV series here or ghostbusters).

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I really enjoy the Hecate banishing ritual of Jason Miller. The cardinal guardians are just…neat.

However, I generally just use banishing incantations like that from KoF mentioned above, and the angelic one channelled by former member @Micah and posted to the forum.


I find the structure of LBRP beautiful and perform it twice a day most days. It’s more than just banishing, because you invoke the Highest.
For those of you who feel that Kabbalistic Godnames are in some way offensive or whatever: in Israel Regardie’s book the Middle Pillar there are given a couple of variations that use different pantheons (a native American amongst them)

Star Ruby also is a very nice variation in which you can pour a lot of emotion.

Or design your own, like I did with @Aprentiz for example.


Yes, absolutely. It can be very draining if they’re pushing back, though.

You are powerful yourself too and then a simple banishing like this can be enough:

I do advise the LBPR for grounding, healing and banishing once in a while.

Getting hammered drunk.

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