What is your experince with naamah?



Naahmah is awesome. Literally and figuratively.
Anything specific you’re looking for?


Well a basic brief of the spirit would be great!
I have no clue about the spirit just very drawn to the sigil!!


Otherwise known as Lilith the Younger. In the Qlippoth, she resides over the realm named, ironically, Lilith.
She is generally the youthful and a bit more playful, lovey version of the Lilith energy. I mean, still dark feminine to the nines but yeah.
All things Lilith are aces in my book. She can be extraordinarily enlightening. She has given me way, way more than I ever expected. I heartily encourage contact.


Thankyou kindly i shall take this onboard and will keep the post updated :imp::imp:


She is truly an awesome entity. Incredible power and strong manifestations, and similar energy to Lilith. Just don’t put her in a triangle whatever you do!!! I had a table of practice sitting in the corner of my ritual room on its side and called on Naamah into an elemental circle. Poor thing got trapped straight in the table of practice triangle and was PISSED. Offerings and apologies got things back on track but lol she can be harsh if annoyed!!


Yes. I didn’t even think to mention that. I’ve never used a triangle, or even a circle, when working with Lilith or Naamah.


I’m planning to work with Naamah.
What direction I have to face?
Someone say east, someone say south.
Then red and black candle.
Blood and semen on Her Sigil.
Anything else?

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Ok so if i chant her, invoke tat mean my crush be horny for days,? I only see her 2 a week in work, until opportunity arrive, or should do tis 1 a weeek until rwsult done.? Thanks and im nit fond of givem any fluids yet, maybe a drink, so far

Intense. That’s all I will say

Don’t put baby in the corner.

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Is this method of protection cirkle and triangle only for spirits that was not evoked? So that you will be safe?

I have tried a triangle one time but i don’t feel any need for it.