What is your experience using Magick mushrooms in evocation?

If you have any experience with it, I’d like to hear it. Did it make manifestation easier? I’ve finally managed to get a hold of some, so was wondering what to expect

I find it to be unproductive for any kind of magic where you are trying to cause change. Apart from the nausea and physical impairment, f focused concentration is difficult. The experience is better suited to seeking visions and revelations imo, provided that a conducive mindset is established beforehand. Not saying you shouldn’t try it, that is just my experience with it.


Had an incredible time on DMT talking to Belial. Psilocin is 4-OH-DMT so they’re quite similar in a few ways.

I sat back and said “Teach me” while picturing his sigil. After the leaves in the trees I was looking at fractalized I heard his voice all around me and in me telling me the difference between being, doing, and thinking and how you can’t do any of them at the same time.

Highly recommended. LSD was interesting as well


How many grams of mushrooms did you typically use?

I recall that it was what is referred to as a heroic dose. About eight grams. Don’t recall if that was wet or dry weight. Google mushrooms heroic dose to find out for sure.


Well damn, anything above a quarter ounce is a heroic dose to me. An eighth of good shrooms usually has me acting like fucking Spongebob or something, I’ve never thought of using mushrooms for magick because they take me for a ride. I’m impressed you took 8 grams and still were able to maintain contact with Belial.

Acid on the other hand, I can use as a great potentiating factor in my rituals. Always had a good time with LSD

Was on a typical hit out of a vape mod with 3g of DMT dissolved in miscible solution. Not a full Subaru sized douche cloud but not a tinsey puff either. Felt spiritually “new” after

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