What is your experience of clairvoyance like?

I’m working on opening up my own clairvoyant abilities right now and I’m curious how you experience clairvoyance so I can contrast with my own experiences.

I use the term “see” alot, but there are really two different kinds of imagery for me.

The first is an image within my imagination. I say “see” for it, but it’s not really an image in a visual sense. It’s more of a knowing. I perceive it as image, can watch it move, or move around within it, but it’s not a vivid, visual image. Very hard to describe.

The second is an image on my mental screen. When I actually see a vivid and clear image, it appears on a mental screen in my mind’s eye. It’s very much like a movie screen where the image is displayed. It’s vivid, clear, and often pops with bright color.

I’ve always assumed the second type of image is clairvoyance, but I’m starting to suspect they’re both valid experiences with clairvoyance.

What do you think?

I also had an interesting experience while performing an active meditation today.

While I was “watching” an imaginary pendulum swing, it changed it’s pattern to that of an infinity symbol.

Suddenly, bright light “descended” upon my mental screen. I was not aware of my physical body, but I heard my body gasp (sudden intake of air).

I experienced a lot of energy strobing patterns on my mental screen. It wasn’t really colors, but a variety of different intensities of light and dark forming patterns. Kind of a kaliedoscopic effect.

After I opened my eyes and became aware of my physical body again, I experienced a lot of energy in my third eye chakra region as well as my entire forehead.

I could still feel a light energy sensation an hour and a half later.

What would you call that experience? Was it an opening of my clairvoyant abilities or maybe a strengthening of them? Have you ever experienced anything similar?

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What you first said about seeing but not actually ‘seeing’ things is how clairvoyance started out with me.Over time as i worked with my third eye that seeing turned into swirling colors then into faint images.Although those faint images have become more clear over time they’re still not crystal clear where i see full details but they are more recognizable to me.In fact its gotten to the point whey i lay down to sleep i can actually ‘see’ through my eyes clear enough to see whatever part of my room i’m facing.Enough so that i’ll make the mistake of thinking my eyes are open only to find they were closed all along and that what was being seen was actually a ‘mental projection’ of what my minds eyes were seeing.Its actually taken me one month shy of 3 years next month to get to this point so take this with a grain of salt but i think whats happening is your clairvoyant abilities are strengthening.I’ve also gone through similar experiences as well.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with me. It helps seeing how other people experience these abilities so I have some form of reference for my own experiences.

Very cool experience with seeing with your eyes closed. I could see where that could get annoying when you’re trying to sleep, though. lol

No problem and ya it can get annoying but i can’t complain too much about it though since i’m the one that wanted stuff like this to happen.Now just to learn how to turn it off lol.

Yeah, that’s my goal, too. I’m sure it could literally drive you nuts if you couldn’t shut it off when you want.

I was feeling a little overwhelmed yesterday. It felt like my mind was about two feet outside my head. A sensitive friend could feel the energy there and when she pressed on it, I could feel it in my physical head.

The thought popped into my mind about Ant-Man. Comics are modern mythology and the answer I needed was write there.

I “shrank” the indigo “aura” of my consciousness down into my physical head. It helped me feel less overwhelmed and I had no trouble expanding it back today.

The kaleidoscopic effect you have experienced is the result of your pineal gland producing and releasing hallucinogens (like Dimethyltryptamine). It’s a precursor of trance but it is not clairvoyance. You’re basically tripping on brain chemicals and imagination (not magickal imagination) starts running wild.
Anything that happens before trance settles I would personally take it with a grain of salt.
With time and practice, the kaleidoscope eventually stops appearing (or it becomes rare), and we fell into trance much quicker. It’s then when clairvoyance can become real. Up to that point and most times you’ll be caught lying to yourself out of intense desire to experience clairvoyance. It’s part of the process. Don’t get stuck there though (like so many self proclaimed psychics do).
When it happens for real, you will know beyond any doubt.

When I stopped lying to myself and started to experience real clairvoyance, the first few times (few is an understatement, it was probably for six months straight) I was seeing eyes starring back at me. Animal eyes, human eyes, you name it. Very real eyes, not creations of my imagination.
Apart from the eyes I couldnt see anything else. Everytime I pushed pass the eyes I was faced with black void.
Then one day I got “sucked” into a set of eyes and I started seeing things. It was weird and uncomfortable. Besides I never found a practical application for it as it was random as.
So I never dwelled too much into clairvoyance, and I was kinda left at that point. It still happens but it’s very much circumstantial and not controlled by me in any way.

Thanks for sharing your viewpoint with me, Zeus. I appreciate it.

And I know what you mean about a grain of salt. I’m brutal on self-deception. It’s the only way I’ve found to separate out the real experiences.

I get the “voice of seeing” from time to time. It’s not an actual voice, but rather a bodily sensation I understand as specific words. That stems from Plato’s cave allegory. It can’t be wrong, you can only be wrong about the conclusions you draw from it.

Besides that, I’ve been working on my remote viewing. It’s like grasping blindly for impression, very subtle. Not nearly as clear. Or at least not usually.

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Interesting. I can’t say I’ve ever experienced anything like the “voice of seeing”.

Remote viewing is intriguing, but I want a stronger connection.

I guess what I want is a clear separation from the way I think. I know how I think. I’ve paid close attention to train myself to notice what I’m doing consciously versus what it bubbling up through my sub-conscious mind.

My first tarot reading about developing my abilities warned me to let go of the need to control and dominate the situation or I wouldn’t obtain what I really wanted.

And that has always been my struggle. lol

Thanks for sharing your experience.