What is this scripting people talk ab on tiktok?

So more and more magick stuff is being brought to tiktok and one thing that keeps popping up are people ”scripting” as in writing down their -desired reality- (dr) and then they talk about entering that reality. like going to sleep or something along those lines and wake up in their desired reality.

They talk about it like they’re actually going there and I’m just confused about it lol. I searched ”scripting” on here and didn’t find one post about it so I thought I’d make my own and see if there’s anybody here that got any info on this at all?

Hella curious as to what ya’ll think and have to say about this ”scripting” as well.

oh also I saw some girl talk about it being exhausting going to your dr because the time is different there. Idek you guys. THOUGHTS? lol

I saw a few youtube videos about scripting that were recommended while watching vids on servitors, and yeah it seems these people write down their desires as if they are happening now and living it.

I haven’t had the interest to research it fully, but now that it popped again, i may watch a few of those vids just to get a general idea.

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Scripting is a “Law of Attraction” technique You’ll find more information in that literature than in occult circles.


When looking at how scripting functions and what is it, it honestly just looks like it’s most likely a form of lucid dreaming, or even perhaps conjuring your own pocket reality within the astral.