What is this? Possible Djinn contact

About 6 days ago, I performed a conjuration ritual for a Djinni of the Jann Tribe, where I used a small amethyst orb as a vessel, and called upon Samael (as recommended by my teacher @PaterOctavius888) to help find the Djinn that will help me. After waiting for 24 hours (though it was slightly longer than 24 hours, like 26-27 hours maybe?) I took the orb and slept with it on my nightstand, then nothing on the first night, then on the second, I did a welcoming ritual as told to me by someone who has many Djinn, and I had a dream:
I think my Djinn tried to contact me, but I’m not 100% sure if it was the Djinn. I had a dream about an ugly man (Anyone familiar with Zod’s human form from Berserk? That ugly) with scales on his face, and he looked like a Skinned head (Neo-Nazi type) and he had only pants, he didn’t say anything to me when he was staring at me, and he was in the housing unit, where I do my rituals (which makes me think it might have been him) and when he came out of the unit, me and my brother were chasing him off, he was like “Come with me” and I was throwing rocks at him, and then when I threw a golf ball, he came charging at me, and I was punching in the face, knocking him to the ground.

I don’t know if it was my Djinn, but if it was? What does this mean? Why was I able to beat him so easy? I was under the impression Djinn are stronger/Powerful than humans, so was this a test, because I haven’t had a dream about this guy again, or anything relating to contact. I still talk to the orb and feel something pulsing in the orb, so I don’t know if it’s merely playing the quiet game. Is there something I’m missing? Anyway, I hope to hear your thoughts and opinions on this.


I am not very familiar with djinn but if you have a teacher that advised you in this before I suggest checking with them.

Also @PrinceX I believe I’ve seen you appearing to know a good bit about djinn so you are probably the best to ask off the top of my head.

On a personal note I would say that shows some measure of contact. Whether you succeeded in the way you wanted to though I cannot quite say.

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I did and still waiting for him to reply, and that was about a week ago.

Yeah, but he didn’t say anything, just merely gestured, and I guess my subconscious took him for a hostile, which might explain why I was throwing stuff at him.

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Thank you @anon47923162 :+1:

I think it’s not a Djinn, just a subconscious manifestation of your thoughts and fears. My suggestion to you is this :

Please… work with Djinn in a traditional way only. Do not mix things up. Calling such and such spirit or a God or Demon and plan a ritual that may have worked with someone else because they created a thought form of a Djinn… is not a good idea unless you’re ok with that. If you want to work with real Djinn, then better use traditional methods or ones that respect those traditions because that’s what Djinn respects as well.

There’s a book called “Practical Jinn Magick” by Corwin Hargrove, you may wish to take a look at it.

This is my personal opinion with all respect to everyone and their point of view.

I agree, if you’re using a method from a specific magician then he’s the one who could help you with it, wait for his reply or use a different method if you do not completely understand this one yet.


Well, the ritual my teacher gave me was traditional, because it did require red, black, and white candles, and a very difficult chant…seriously, I had a hard pronounce these words:
Assala Malecum, Ajlaaa Nekhjer, Ajlaaa Nekhjer, Ajlaaa Nekhjer, Ajlaaoẓ Naajhaar, Ajlaaoẓ Naajhaar, Ajlaaoẓ Naajhaar, Ajlaab Naajoṭaan,Ajlaab Naajoṭaan, Ajlaab Naajoṭaan, Ajlaaw Naajelaaī , Ajlaaw Naajelaaī, Ajlaaw Naajelaaī, Ajlaam Netje‘aa Anel, Ajlaam Netje‘aa Anel, Ajlaam Netje‘aa Anel, Ajlaab Ner, Ajlaab Ner, Ajlaab Ner, Ajlaat Nūjaa’aab, Ajlaat Nūjaa’aab, Ajlaat Nūjaa’aab, Ajlaam Nenjetaa Qenem, Ajlaam Nenjetaa Qenem, Ajlaam Nenjetaa Qenem, Malecum Assala.

Do you need to see the rest of the conjuration ritual? Oh and here’s the “welcoming ritual” I was also recommended:
Hold the vessel and say
“welcome Djinn to the realm of humans”

Then recite “Last the night, break the day
wake the sun and wake the moon
All binding through the cosmos
you are unto me
a spirit of my own keeping
As master to a servant, so it is a friend to a friend”!


Oh and I think I have that book downloaded in my Kindle.


Perfect. Then I suggest you use that book until your teacher answers you. :+1:


Also I noticed another peculiar thing: I started writing more often, than I use to (before writer’s block put halt on my stories), it probably has something to do with the Djinn, or perhaps King Paimon (yeah I actually conjured that lovely king), and I’ve done some serious writing, like instead of being stuck on Chapter 1, I’m freaking up to Chapter 4 and 6! So, do you think my friends are whipping my brain to work?

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Yes I think so, I can’t tell which one is behind the effect but if you noticed that kind of change then probably it’s one of them or both. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh hey got a question, is the chapter “Crafting your request” is how you make your request to the Jan? Though I now know how to get the Jinn to respond, I just need to have the best time to perform the ritual in question. Oh, another question, are you a big movie/video game fan perchance? I wanna show you the examples of where my writing has taken me, like making improvement scenario pitches to films that desperately need it, would you be interested?

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Hi, yes this chapter explains how you write/make your request to get a better respond from Djinn. The book also mentions the best time to perform the rituals.

I’m a big movie fan of course but I don’t know anything about video games to be honest. Would love to see some of your work thank you so much!

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