What is this and what does it mean?

To make the long story short, I’ve had an emotional breakdown a few months ago and was literally crying out loud asking for any deities, gods, demons, spirits or entities to help me. The pain was unbearable and the only way out was to die. Not even kidding.

As I was begging for someone to help me, I heard a voice that made me stop crying, it was so loud and it said, “Manchurian 59”. I never heard of the word “Manchurian” so I checked google to see if I could find any relevance as to what was happening to me at that moment. I ended up checking this film called, “The Manchurian Candidate” for those of you who didn’t know — the film is about a group of soldiers and they were brainwashed to make them do things such as assassination, killing their loved ones, etc. I finished the film hoping to find any connection with the number 59, book was released on 1959 but that doesn’t make sense at all.

Here’s the trailer:

I then opened my Demons of Magick book and found the 59th demon and it’s Orias. He can manipulate minds and make someone bend to our will – just like the Manchurian Candidate. I evoked him afterwards but never got what I was hoping for. My question is — why do they make us see or hear signs when they wouldn’t actually do what we asked them for? Now that I think about it, maybe he’s trying to tell me that my target is a Manchurian candidate. Before y’all attack me, I can’t do divination yet. I tried to but only received inaccurate answers… so if you could give some insights, that’d be good! Thank you.

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Sounds like someone’s random Xbox live gamertag. :stuck_out_tongue: In reality though, signs have the most meaning when you find them out yourself.

When you called Orias, did you ask for signs or did you ask for results? Signs follow, they do not precede.

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I was asking anyone who heard me begging for help to help me out but all I got was Manchurian 59 lol. I thought that once I found out what it was, that would help me solve my problem. Kind of like, here call this demon, he specializes in your concern. haha. I did call Orias afterwards and ask for signs to see if he would help me but I haven’t received my desired results yet.

Hope I didn’t come off there like I was making light of your struggle – I understand where you are coming from :slight_smile: a lot of the time things will only make sense in hindsight, but since it struck you as significant, I can see why you are still searching for answers. Is there a more subliminal message there? What does the number 59 mean to you, does it have associations of significance?

What about the “brainwashing” aspect of it? Does that speak to some part of your current belief system, your background, your upbringing, your current situation?

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No, it’s perfectly fine! None taken. Thank you for replying too! 59 seems odd as it has nothing to do with me nor it reminds me of something. Book was released on Aprl 27, 1959 and that April 27 was also the date I cried out loud for help too. I took the “brainwashing” or manipulating theme to actually ask Orias to manipulate my target :rofl: coz I thought that’s the key haha considering the movie

Maybe this is just my own experience colouring my worldview but often the answer, if it’s to be found, will be internal rather than external. For instance, is there some aspect of you that feels “brainwashed” or obsessed with this target, like because of something they have done to you, and is there a way for you to change your perspective toward them that will be beneficial for yourself? Whether it’s forgiving them, forgetting them, or looking inside yourself to see what they have impressed on you and how it affects your current worldview, and how you can ease or reverse that programming? As above, so below – perhaps the “brainwashing” is something you have internalised due to interactions with said target, something you need to undo or reverse.

Sure you have asked Orias to manipulate them, so those wheels are already set in motion. Is there something else you can do in the meantime to help yourself?


Woah, that’s really good! I had a hunch that I was also under some sort of spell to constantly think of my target, did an egg cleansing ritual to remove it too but here I am, still the same haha. Maybe it will be beneficial for me to forget about my target but I just can’t. :pensive:. I appreciate you, Veil! I feel that you’re the type of person who goes out of your way to help a friend. Thank you! I guess I’m hoping for a miracle now.

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I had help from my relative. I’d say that he’s really good with magick so I guess I’m just waiting for the results to manifest. :dizzy: :star: maybe magick isn’t really for me? I called out numerous demons and deities – one of them gave me a solid sign that she is working on my request but never noticed anything afterwards, maybe it’s still in progress but I somehow felt that I was left hanging in midair. :sneezing_face:

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You’re a sweetie. :blush: Depending on what work you’ve done, sometimes it can feel like the spell pulls you under its effect as well. I know what it’s like to feel unable to forget or stop thinking about someone when they have their hooks set in your heart, whether in a good way or a bad.

It takes discipline and effort but try to turn some of that obsession back towards yourself, with love and caring. Focus on your great qualities and pour your energy into developing yourself. Maybe find some kind of work that will help you develop magickally in other areas. Start a “mental diet” and avoid any kind of media or input that reminds you of your target, or makes you feel any feelings associated with the whole situation, even peripherally. Even try redirecting your thoughts, so if you think of them or the situation and you notice feelings arising, just tell yourself “I’m glad the problem is fixed now” or “Everything worked out”. Literally just say it to yourself, whether aloud or in your head, every single time you think about it, and then move on to something else.

Don’t give up on magick yet, especially if you are just starting out. I speak from experience here; if you can find something to pour your effort into that has nothing to do with your target, you will likely see much better results, and it will help take your mind off them. I recently did a series of rituals which had to be completed every day for 11 days. Just a few weeks ago I would have not even attempted it because my self-discipline was so non-existent that the idea of doing something “voluntary” for 11 days in a row was so out-of-character as to be absurd. But I did it, and I’m benefiting from it. Even if you have to just pick something for the sake of it, for example say you want to learn how to reliably lucid dream or astral travel; pick something and pour your effort into it. You’ll see the results.

Really wishing you the best :heart: don’t give up!

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Awww, thank you! So I heard! Whatever spell I did in the past probably drained me magickally and that was a LOT of spell we’re talking about lol :sweat_smile: Ya know the feeling that you just had to drop multiple bombs on your target to finally solve your problem? That’s what I did :rofl:

I will follow your suggestions, Veil. Thank you so much! It feels good that I had relief talking to people here in BALG. :heart: So glad to hear that everything’s working out for your ritual! I wouldn’t even imagine myself doing that for 11 days! Lately, I have been falling asleep whenever I try to follow up my petitions.

I have been Lucid dreaming since I was a kid and I thought that everyone can also control their dreams. I didn’t think much of it but now I am using it to create my own world in the dream world. It sucks when dreams are so much better than reality, right? Part of the reason why sometimes I just wanted to sleep forever.

I appreciate your response, really. From PH to Aus! Haha.

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Oh yes I know the kind :sweat_smile: it worked for me to a point, and then unravelled.

I am still waiting to see the results of the 11 day rituals but I am currently at a place where (despite the situation I was originally aiming for pretty much falling apart completely) I am really at peace and unworried, I know everything is working itself out in the background. There is definitely such a thing as doing too much to try and solve one problem. So I hope you can learn from my experience :laughing:

Honestly me too, dreaming is my favourite activity. Lucidity comes and goes but I’m working on it.

Best of luck dear! :australia: :heart: :philippines:

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