What is the weirdest thing you ever evoked and the results you got from it?

So I thought it would be funny, to hear about the weirdest thing/spirit/entity you ever evoked, what you learned from it or what results you got from doing so.

I came up with the idea from here:

and here:

Now I’ve obviously not done that yet, and I’m not sure with all the irl drama going on for me atm that I will, but it’s certainly interesting to consider so, I guess the example I have to give is a little more normal, but it’s the strangest spirits I evoke for a purpose.

Last year Baron Samedi taught me how to call upon spirit of the dead- in mass numbers. He also gave me information on how to engage with them, make a request and essentially pay for the work I was requesting to be done.

I didn’t think I had much use for it until I did, and it’s a really long story about why I would want to drive a target to the brink of suicidal/homicidal meltdown, so lets just agree to go with I had my reasons, and well the spirits of the dead seemed like they were a good fit for the job.

So I evoked them, masses of them and detailed my request. I wanted them to hound my target, drive her insane, make her hear voices, and essentially I wanted it to end in her demise.

Within a week, my roommate who worked with her, was talking about how add it was that this girl was suddenly talking to herself- all of the time at work. She suddenly didn’t know how to engage with customers, she couldn’t look anyone in the eye, she would stand and touch a single product, and move it from one spot, to a spot an inch away over and over for hours, all the while talking to herself about really weird things.

It got to the point where the only employee in the building who didn’t report her to human resources as feeling as if she may come in and shoot them all up or commit suicide, was my boyfriend. The roommate, every week when I came home from his house would tell me all about the new antics and how much worse she was getting and I just sat back and laughed.

Until my roommate asked me to stop. One night the three of us were sitting around the table, smoking weed and I stood up and she grabbed my arm, and begged me to stop for the targets son’s sake. I was pretty clear that I thought the son was better of with his father anyways, but she insisted so I relented, all the while maintaining I wouldn’t heal the mental damage already done to my target, and it was going to be up to her to fix, to find it within herself to want to live and get the help she needed.

So there’s mine, what have you guys evoked that was crazy or out there and what results did you get from it?


Not “weird” in a sense of “unique” but in a sense of “unexpected” for my own taste;
at one point I was fed up with my landlord for failing me yet AGAIN with providing warm water and a heating system for several days straight.

My patron came up with the idea of sending an Ifrit after him and his family (they were muslims, so I thought that would be the reason for his choice; it turned out that it had much different reasons but thats another story for another time, one fine day). The entity got STRAIGHT TO WORK and for several days the family was haunted by the worst of luck (with damage on property AND people). I remember that as soon as I agreed to my patrons idea I could hear the landlords daughter and his wife both screaming in terror “Oh my god, oh my god!” below our living room (they lived in the same building) and I thought that this would be a good start. Our stay in this house went rather short lived, our landlord threw us out (as I had kinda asked for, because we wouldn’t owe him anything if he decided to get rid of us; we wanted to move anyway and now we could do so without bothering for new tenants and without renovating).

The result in the long run:
The idea to work with Jinn would have never struck me; the idea to follow down this rabbit hole neither (since I don’t have any cultural ties to this kind of lore whatsoever). It is one of the most rewarding and satisfying workings I have done so far and it all started with seeking revenge for a cold apartment.


Ah, I almost always find they (the djinn) produce fast results, if you can get them on board! :rofl: :rofl:

I was previously actually pretty scared of spirits of the dead @A_Pariah, so while some people work with them daily, mine was sorta unique to me I guess too lol. I had too many experiences where I woke up with them standing over me, so I was actually not expecting mine to go so well.


Well I didn’t make this a wiki, but I want to change my story! The strangest thing I’ve ever evoked is now a robot-like servitor-type spirit that was found randomly in a park!

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I invoked a thoughtform that I created through years of disassociating as a child and it helped me through some really tough shadow work ironically enough.


Skeletor, :joy: :rofl: he helped me to bring myself to a certain understanding of creation and destruction, aswell as patience and the necessity of “evil” during my one sided travels through the love and light phase. Helped me through.


That really makes sense though, because it sheltered you from something, or caused issues right? So confronting it or working with it, means you can work through the lingering issues from those years.

That’s kinda similar to my pathworking journal’s goal, though I don’t have the convenience of one spirit to help me out lol. Gosh that would make it easier for me (not saying that your experience was easier- just having a big portion of it all together to would be easier than taking it one memory at a time lol) I have a lot of traumas so, I think I’m going to be years and this forum will have all new peeps that I don’t know before I finish it lol.

It was actually one of my comfort characters so it was a very welcoming thoughform :sweat_smile:

And I get where you’re coming from! Shadow work focusing on trauma can be so so so challenging to the point where I do sometimes ask spirits and hell even therapists for help. Good luck with it! :slight_smile:

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The Justice League.

It felt pretty impressive and having the superheroes whose stories I grew up with standing in a circle around me made me feel very well protected.


Were you calling on them for protection or out of curiosity or something else all together?


Basically, I evoked them as a banishing, similar to evoking the archangels of the Watchtowers.


I inadvertently summoned Andras in 2017 when I started on this path. It was terrifying to say the least. Stone cold sober and woke up pinned down on my bed with both arms being rubbed so hard, I thought they were on fire. I had burned a candle on his sigil without doing the precautions that I know now. I’ve learned so much from BALG since then. It’s all good now, but man that was fucking scary.


I’ve never evoked anything, but I did INVOKE the essence of Hannibal Lecter when I was arrested by the police when I was 19. It so disarmed the officers that they asked if I was in the military. They eventually let the cuffs off me and we just chatted.

Now, if I had thought of it when I was LAST arrested it would’ve been awesome.


:rofl: :rofl: Hindsight is 20/20!

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MAAAAAAN I was freaking the fuck out.
I learned then, the value of Semen Retention.
L.O. F’ing L.


I have been practicing for a year and I still have not been able to establish contact, who can give me advice or tell me what to do?

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