What is the spirit who teaches things like levitation

I think they are of Azazel Legions but not sure. A demon who teaches fantastic power like telekinesis, levitate, etc. The kind who teach the stuff that normal people think such as pyrokinesis.

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He’s not a demon but Thoth is a good start.


If you want to learn levitation, read and practice INITIATION TO HERMETICS… you will learn much more then that as well. Takes loads of discipline


Its the most powerful occult handbook that I have ever seen and all the big players in the occult will tell you the same thing

I haven’t worked with levitation, but telekinesis is much, much easier than people are led to believe. Check out Frank Rudolph Young’s Cyclomancy and Psychastra. You don’t need a spirit to teach you how to do it. It’s just a matter of training your astral body. That’s why most people think it’s harder than it is-- you don’t “will” the object to move - you supercharge your astral body and then shoot it across the room and and grab the object and manipulate it just like you would with your physical body and hands. Levitation would work on the same principal - lifting yourself with your astral body.


I think the demon you were thinking of is Krehl’a’teral, from the Book of Azazel.

“Krehl’a’teral is the master of miracles. He can teach
you how to perform the most miraculous spectacles, and how
to produce the most extravagant phenomena, such as
invisibility, levitation, pyrokinesis, telekinesis, illusion
projection, and transmutation.”