What is the significance of the Super blood moon?

Hey E.A,

I recently dived in to Black Magic again after 2 years of being lost in an stagnant lack of will. I’ll reveal a little on my past to explain why I am so curious of this event. I had no religion growing up but I was always sensitive to people and my environment. At 17 I got a reading from a girl in my art class that my birthday (April, 25 1993) was a significant spiritual number (33). I was a drug dealer at the time and her reading was a joke to me.

However, a few month after. I experienced an extremely religious and spiritual psychosis that showed me things that are still relevant to this day. One of those message was that I will die at age 40

Now I remember the last blood moon was in 2015 and I went in to this unexplained rage at missing out on it. So i researched the next blood moon and found that its going to be a super blood moon dated on 2033. Which is the year I will be 40.

I do not fear what I was told by the screeching voice in the hospital but I am certain these number are of significance to me. I just really want your insight on what the super blood moon is about and perhaps some information on numerology and 33.



Edit: I also have a false birthday like you. It’s dated on august 25th officially. I feel like your videos have really mentored me in a way that it liberated my fear of “demonic” presence and explained many of the events that occurred through out my traumatized child hood. I don’t want to come of as having excessive pride but it seems like it can rule over me. Lucifer has been a huge influence on me physiologically although my doubts strongly suggests that my whole life has been an over imaginative hallucination. Including the countless coincidences and the experience with metatron, lucifer and satan(drove me to an apathetic madness) which ultimately lead me to this path and your videos.