What is the significance of the graveyard?

Okay, I get the most obvious meaning or purpose of the graveyard, which is where the dead are.

But during some of my experiences over the summer dealing with the coven’s attacks and the resulting possession, when releasing some of the entities that were invading my energy body by ritual, I witnessed some of them being sent to the graveyard. Earlier this morning whilst meditating on Azazel’s sigil, the main culprit, a demonic being possessing me, tried to call me mentally. I felt myself being drawn magnetically, but then the demon was turned into a headstone. I received the impression this demon is headed for the graveyard soon (long story, etc - but things really are happening in my favour and I’ll be set free soon).

I don’t get what is the purpose of the graveyard in my case. If said spirit is marked for the graveyard, but isn’t a shade of the dead, then what does it mean?


What is your question specifically?

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I’m not sure how I can really clarify further. What happens to spirits who are sent to the graveyard after being removed from a person? What is the meaning/purpose behind it?

Maybe ask what a graveyard is to you then. They are symbolic and they’re sacred grounds and they’re different things depending on where you come from and what you believe, like temples, altars, churches, synagogues, mosques, cremation grounds, burial sites, tombs.
A lot of energy enters and leaves a graveyard.
They can be gateways, neutral ground, safe grounds…what you’re describing is relative to you and whatever you were doing or are up to and whatever spirits you’re busy with.
(Dont mess around them if you dont need to)
Otherwise it’s just land filled with bones.


Well, to me they’re places to bury the dead and where people go to try and connect with their dead loved ones, to remember them, etc. They’re places of grief. But that doesn’t really help me in my quest to understand what the graveyard means in the context I’m dealing with.

To give some more context, I was attacked for many years by a coven who used necromancy. Their goal was to make me live out my life in pure misery, without the ability to escape. That got shut down over the summer, right after they attacked me with spirits that possessed me. It was terrifying, but yeah that’s what happened. I spoke to an experienced sorcerer who took care of the coven, shut them down, etc. Then he performed a ritual to provide me with solid protection against further problems, and part of that was the removal of some of the entities that were inside of me. A couple of them was sent to the graveyard - which I was able to perceive psychically for myself.

Then I started working with Azazel more recently, and earlier when I was meditating on his sigil, I was able to see the possessing demon (which a Goetic spirit told me before is the main one possessing me, and it’s a demon, not the Dead, etc) and it turned into a headstone. I had the impression it was being marked for being sent to the graveyard upon its removal. I’m just curious about what it means, why spirits get sent to the graveyard, etc. I’m wondering if it’s tradition-specific or if there are other reasons for it. But if no-one knows, it’s cool, I’ll ask Azazel next time I converse with him. :slight_smile:


Definitely do that, ask your spirits and let us know what you find, maybe you can discover a meaning significant to the spirit.

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Change, Satan & Rebirth.

Graveyards and cemeteries are places of crossing. Points of juxtaposition between planes. Its the reason we put our dead there.

Graveyards have a larger accumulation of ambient energy due to the dead. The residual energy after a while starts to break down and become ambient energy. However, the ambient energy still has that death energy elemental trait to it.

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I go to the graveyard from time to time to give tributas to Santa Muerte. I make these little white pots for her out of polymer clay.

Anyway, one day I went there to give another tributa, and saw that the little pots I left for previous tributas were still laying around. So I thought I’d try reusing them. I picked them up and put them in my pocket, then walked home. I was in a reasonable mood, didn’t have far to walk either, but by the time I got to my street, I was in a bad mood that had descended upon me for no apparent reason.

I had a feeling that I should dump the little pots. So I dumped them literally on the pavement and then walked away. As soon as I did, my energy changed and I felt lighter, and my mood changed to being reasonable again.

From that I can conclude that the energy in a graveyard is indeed potent. Unpleasant stuff.

It could act and function as a demon while being spawned from that death energy. If that was the case its energy would return from there since it birthed it.

Also, demons can die. Maybe that demon was slain? Or soon will be?

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OK…Lesson one…If you give a gift or offering to a spirit (especially in a graveyard) do not ever take it back.

Most likely (this is a guess based on what you have shared) the coven that sent these spirits to you in the first place took them from a graveyard. When you saw them go there, they werre simply returning to the place they originally came from.


It wasn’t because I wanted to reuse these pots. Santa Muerte was not offended by it because she knew my reasoning. But it proved to me that death energies infiltrate everything in a graveyard.

Concerning the coven, yes they used necromancy so that makes sense.


I’ve spent at least an hour trying to find a spell that I read very recently (will keep trying!) but essentially it involved going to a graveyard to find a human spirit to do your bidding. You were to read the headstones to ensure it was not the grave of a child and if you could find someone who had died a violent death then all the better. The working involved digging a hole on top of the grave itself and burying coins as ‘payment’. This spirit was then obliged to undertake your work against the target.
I was put off by the idea and never used the spell but your post did make me think of it and the significance of both the graveyard and spirits being sent back there, as you saw in your situation.

Are you referring to Liber Falxifer?

Cemetery is a place where there are lots of unfulfilled sex thoughts,love needs, posessions and so on… Unsatisfied dreams, sexual needs, fetiches and similar who are stripped from the dead who once lived… A place filled of thoughts waiting to incarnate. True portals for the dead who still fight to find the light :flushed:

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