What is the real purpose?

Although the hour is late to ask, but for what reasons are the fallen and various demonic teaching man or mankind this knowledge now? Why are the controllers behind its release? Considering their hatred of us, what’s the catch here?
My theories have been: 1. To further piss off the one who cast them down and enlist us as soldiers in the war between gods and possibly change the outcome? 2. Enki’s war for Aldebron? 3. They hope to trade places with us. 4. This gives our consent to being put into another artificial construct so they have an energy source. 5. They don’t want us to be harvested because without us their matrix collapses. 6. ?
Has anyone else given this any thought? Has an entity ever said what their end goal for us in this game really is?

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When you reach “enlightened” state of mind you “cannot” stop helping beings, your first reaction to everything is positive, and bestowing…

most being that i consider as “demons of time” meaning they survived aeons and stuff, has this state…

there are good and bad spirits as there are humans, and we are living all time low spirituality and conciousness of “mankind”

goal of endgame is existence and wellbeing of your system, or system you belong to…longitivity immortality.

Simply to ascend.

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Although the hour is late to ask, but for what reasons are the fallen and various demonic teaching man or mankind this knowledge now?

First of all, nobody is fallen, what you have been told is not accurate. There are aspects of the universe which exist, the people that work very hard to control your mind and keep you in check for their benefit have told you lies. They told you that the aspects of the universe are evil and hate you but how could that be when those same aspects are found also within you as you are the reflection of the universe. They “demonized” the aspects of the universe, these anthropomorphised representations of various parts of our cosmos are a threat to the worldview that the elite have worked so hard to create to keep you in line. They replaced the old gods with their fantasy and superstition and called the old gods evil and demons to keep you from wanting to know them and yourself.

Why are the controllers behind its release? Nobody has released it, it has always been available simply pushed aside and concealed by the elite to keep you from knowing it. It has simply become too difficult for them to hide it now as the light shines too brightly to be covered anymore.

Considering their hatred of us, what’s the catch here? Who hates us? Even the elite don’t hate us so much as have contempt for us and see us as resources to be exploited.
My theories have been: 1. To further piss off the one who cast them down and enlist us as soldiers in the war between gods and possibly change the outcome?
That’s a myth and a relatively modern one comparatively speaking of course. There is no such story actually in the Bible of such an event even. It’s a modern Christian myth.
2. Enki’s war for Aldebron? Mythology plain and simple, allegory and metaphor not literal.
3. They hope to trade places with us.
4. This gives our consent to being put into another artificial construct so they have an energy source. They don’t need our energy because they existed before us, but what might and does is the Egregores created to act as if they are gods, such as the so called biblical god that needs it’s followers to believe in its existence to continue to exist. It most certainly feeds off of the pain and misery of its followers because the more they suffer the more they reach out to it, and supply it with the energy it needs to maintain its existence.

  1. They don’t want us to be harvested because without us their matrix collapses. 6. ?

The only thing that wants to harvest is would be the forementioned egregore.

Has anyone else given this any thought? Has an entity ever said what their end goal for us in this game really is?
Yes, the actual forces and aspects have explained it all in detail. In order to understand the meaning of life first we must understand what life is and what it does. Life grows, reproduces and evolves. This is obvious and self evident. The purpose of our life is to grow and reproduce and evolve into something greater than we are now. Humanity is a bridge to the next thing. We as humans are at that phase where we can participate and choose the direction of that evolution to decide in part what it is we will become. The universe has not been created it is in the process of being created it’s growing like a seed that has been planted and is sprouting and reaching for the sunlight.

This seedling has suffered impairment from diseases such as greed, domination and desire for power over others and it’s immune system is kicking in to rid it of said diseases so that it may grow and evolve.


I don’t believe in altruism, not even if it comes from a deity.
Pretty sure there are plenty of ulterior motives at work from everyone and everything, some may be a bit more honest about them, while others are not so open about it.

I trust the former, while I put the second under heavy scrutiny.

There is no such thing as altruism.


Do you have children?

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No, why?

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When you do you will understand what it means to care more about someone else than yourself.


I don’t need that lesson, because I already take care of the people I care about and have a philosophy of greater servitude.

As I have written numerous times in my journal, I care little about myself, but my servitude is not based on altruistic values, but rather values of honour, where honour dictates the value of a person.

These values have been passed onto me by my deity, who does not even pretend that she does this “for me to ascend=???=profit”, but rather clearly tells me that I am merely one of her many soldiers.

No one is altruistic, and all these deities we work with, they all got some hidden motive we either can’t see or don’t want to.


That’s respectable but certainly not the same as what I’m talking about and you may not need that lesson and some people may not need to reproduce. And then again not all parents are good parents my ex for example is a neglectful piece of trash and has a bit too much self loathing to be capable of love.


Or these spirits could be programs of the matrix. Never know until death.

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That’s very close to true and one doesn’t need to die to know. The evidence is right before us in plain sight. Simply look at nature and what it does. This earth went from uninhabited rock to teeming with all sorts of lifeforms which continue to advance adapt and evolve into ever more complex functionality. The evolution of the human alone is a good indication. A creature that became more and more intelligent as time went on to eventually reach the point where it’s capable of contemplating and understanding it’s own existence. Things are moving along a certain trajectory and with little estimation it’s rather easy to see where it’s headed. If you kick a football down the field and it’s looking like its going to make it through the goal post chances are in the next fraction of a second it will.


Thank you for your reply and taking the time to address each point. It is because of my knowing that everything I thought I knew was a lie that I question motive and am skeptical. I also would agree with Linuriel_Starborn, there is no altruism. Our controllers have an agenda and although Lucifer is the god of this ‘world’, G–gle runs a close second in this one. If they didn’t want the information out it wouldn’t be seen by anyone no matter how bright the flame or great the cause.

You say you don’t think there are any fallen… I think that the word applied to those angels cast down from the upper realm for refusing to bow down to humans and also for Adam and Eve being sent out of Eden?

Let me say here that I was not raised with religion. It has only been since 2011-2012, when I started trying to find truth, that the information pointed to a good versus evil paradigm at the apex of it all. (Well, that and seeing the 11:11 and realizing that not all thoughts were my own, but were coming from a being that claimed it was a walk-in from Sirius B. I still don’t fully understand what that means.)

Any how, by that time I’d become aware that everything we are told was a reversal (no more war then declare war). If this is indeed true then good is evil and evil is good (religious dogma). The one big problem I have with this theory is that the controlling cabal are dark sorcerers and Luciferians and if they don’t hate humans, why have they been using every method possible to kill us or make us ill? They harvest our energy as it keeps them looking young and it is our life force which makes their spell casting stronger. They absolutely do harvest our energy which is called loosh during big events, like the super bowl, concerts, or gatherings such as Burning Man, but it is also siphoned off of each of us individually. It is gathered through etheric cords with different sorcerers or entities laying claim to certain places or people. Chris and Sheree Geo from yt’s Beyond the Veil saw thousands of these cords going from people up to the sun during the last solar eclipse.
(As a side note, they have also traveled up to the 13th dimension and began the reset of the machine, another elsewhere to happen sometime this year which will begin the final sequence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANEXmBO_Vg8 )
There’s a sorcerer named Tim Rifat that uses a psychotronic generator for harvesting loosh from the US and EU so he can destroy the Rothschilds and all of America. https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_psychotronicweapons04.htm
Also a freak named Uncle Chuckie uses one because he’s an energy vampire. http://www.charlescosimano.com/e-books.html
The Ascended Masters and dark gods siphon our loosh to keep their immortality and Metatron’s finite construct from falling apart.
We are powerful beings with or without our god-like abilities simply because we are the power being used to hold it all together.
It seems like there are so many wanting to destroy all or part of this planet I wonder how that sprouting seed you speak of will ever get the chance to grow. You are aware that this is not the original planet? We are in a simulation, within a simulation and that it has already reset at least five, maybe six times?
I don’t understand how you can say there are no demons when many here evoke them on a regular basis and EA and C. Joseph plan to unleash legions of them to destroy all who are not of the left hand path? Nothing like beginning a thousand years of peace with a blood bath.
One last point. The war between the gods is said to be between the En.ki and En.lil. Lucifer and Jehovah. Both of whom are said to be Annunaki and sons of EA (coincidence of those letters?). Do you believe Lucifer to be only myth like the demons?

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I don’t believe there is a reason. Some humans reach out to them, ask them for help, the demon helps them or doesn’t. That’s about it. I find the idea that demons and other beings caring about human development is just another mentality a handful of humans tend to have which is that center of the universe mentality. The need to make their existence seem like it has a deeper meaning and importance to other beings lives.
These beings help those who reach out to them and offer their help at a price, if any. It’s usually business or personal to the individual that’s about it. Not the wide scope of humanity.

Not to mention the heavily new age back wash of taking old knowledge and crapping on it which even the lot of “dark magicians” do.


I’m not going to say that my world view is any more valid than yours, but what I will say is that they are different. Now you may have stumbled upon some information and believe it to be true, which is fine, you’re totally entitled to believe what you want. I’ve read and seen many of the same materials you have. As far as such things as harvesting energy from the Superbowl etc I agree and have a fair understanding of the mechanics behind it. As far as demons are concerned What people call demons I have found to be aspects of our universe, in not saying they don’t exist I’m saying they are not what many conceive them to be. As far as the fallen I say they are not fallen because there is or was nothing to fall from. The story of beings refusing to bow to Adam is allegory and myth. There was no person that was Adam or Eve they are metaphorical representations. Now this is just my knowledge on these things and you are welcomed to take the metaphorical for literal all you want it’s your life and you are free to do as you wish. As far as good and evil at war, the only place I see that happening is within the mind of the individual being making a conscious decision to choose. The mind controllers of our society appear far less grand, spectacular and powerful when one begins to see how the machine functions and how the “man behind the curtain” operates it. As for the Jehovah, Lucifer, Enki/Enlil etc. These are also myth and story, allegory to teach a lesson about the functions of universal aspects. They are not reptilian aliens no matter what David Ike says or Zachariah Sitchin tells you to sell their books and videos, lectures etc. But that’s just my experience on it and nobody needs to believe my version of the universe because quite frankly I don’t care what others believe. I know what I know and believe what I believe because it’s my life and I’m the one who has to live it. Now if people see my world view and agree I’m more than happy to explain and answer any questions but I’m not out to convince anyone.


Perhaps if you transcend Matrix with a shamanic journey


I don’t hold any belief as gospel any more and have thrown out and replaced or adjusted my view a few times already. I will probably be doing that again based on your information. It will at least be filed away for serious consideration.
I obviously am one of those people who spend too much time looking for external answers and have gotten stuck in the truther trap even knowing that the majority of it is only partly true at best. For certain a time waster and a dead end without a useful purpose.
Some habits are hard to break.

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The best way to find your truth is to look inside.

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Sometimes, when I work with demons, it just seems like some kind of strange working with the collective unconsciousness.

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