What is the Order of EA's ebook Collection

I finally ordered the whole collection of EA’s EBooks. What I want to know is:
What is the order in wich they were written. I mean, which one do I begin with, then which ones are numners 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, And 7?
I do not want to read them in disorder. On the sales link, only the titles are given, but not the order in which they were written.
Thanks in advance.

E.A Koetting wrote 8 full length books…

2005 Kingdoms of Flame
2008 Works of Darkness and then Baneful Magick
2009 Evoking Eternity and then The Spider and the green butterfly
2010 Questing after visions
2011 Ipsissimus
2012 The book of Azazel

enjoy your books…

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Thanks, Man!