What is the most effective way to harden/crystallize the aura

Recently i have been working through Damien Echols Work (Angels and Archangels, High magick) and Rituals like the LBRP, LBRH, LVX, MP, are a daily occurence for me.

They bring great benefits one of the benefits of the banishing rituals is that it hardens the outer layer of the Aura which is very much so needed, if you want to store huge amounts of energy within your aura.

Which you need to do in order to build the light body/rainbow body/ diamond body…etc

So i wanted to know, if anyone knows good rituals or modifications to the LBRP/LBRH to enhance and the process of hardening the outer layer of the aura to be able to contain more energy within the Aura.

Thank you in advance guys!

The aura is just a by product of the soul storing more energy in it is useless except for more niche applications. You are probably wanting to store more energy in your soul/astral body and crystalize that so it doesn’t bleed away. There are already a lot of methods out there such as qigong dealing with various orbits and chakras and such that work well enough until you can project and directly work in the astral.

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Well I’d cut out the JCI names, because they really don’t matter you can use any spirit and some can be more beneficial to your needs and what you’re trying to accomplish

You also want to say the names in the astral realm and also do the ritual in your astral body because When there’s no time it becomes more effective and it will also effect the bodies below your astral body with it like the mental emotional and physical

After you do the ritual stand or sit in a chair for a moment, let go and breathe the energy so it settles in, most often I see people close the ritual like it’s some sort of physical exercise, take some time to absorb the energy

The astral part of it is most important though

Developing the aura is basically developing the chakras, you need to trancend the chakras because they are energy centers that represent the 7 bodies/7 layers of the aura, the diamond body activates when you crystallize the pineal gland with all of its 144.000 star clusters which are governed by the 144 spirits of the pineal gland and the kunda gland also know as the 72 goetia and the 72 Shem angels, when you activate them and integrate them into your consciousness you become a fully integrated ipsissimus and crystallize your aura in the process

There are many ways to crystallize your aura, I personally like breathwork with toroidal field circulation the most which is the more direct and practical way of doing it


I cant astral project Yet but bilocate would that work?

Thank you for the good info!

I do lbrp and middlepillar every day like frm 8 days and i feel much better it balances all the elements in body

A Luciferian doing LBRP? Interesting.

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U see i asked an occultist who himself practice dark arts he suggested me to do lbrp and middlepillar

There’s nothing wrong with the LBRP or middle pillar, these are formulas

All I’m saying is the names in the formulas by my standards are low in quality and can be improved with different ones

I’d say the best would be a Draconic or Ancient Egyptian middle pillar maybe even Druidic/Celtic but never in a million years would I go for JCI , the angels are fine so maybe I’d do an angelic middle pillar but Godnames of Yahweh, I’ll pass lol

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So csn u give me improved middlepillar i tired Qlipothic middlepillar but that stuff is just too powerful for me like i feel like i cannot move n shit after that

Well, if you’re doing a traditional middle pillar why not just vibrate the names of the angels associated with them

There’s also planetary middle pillar on YouTube

Israel regardies book on the middle pillar has many variations as well such as shamanic, gaelic, norse, Egyptian, Greek etc. you can make your own or follow those

I personally don’t rely much on them because I don’t think they are credible except for the shamanic middle pillar in the book

I’ve tried the planetary middle pillar on YouTube as well but my guides told me not to do it because the planetary association in Kabbalah don’t match human anatomy at least it doesn’t sync with mine so they told me not to do it

Additionally you should also include ain, ain soph and ain soph aur because that’s the soul star chakra and that’s also supposed to be used in the ritual according to my UPG and just common sense

I personally like qigong more, I get more out of it and I’d add some qigong to your middle pillar for an extra umph but that’s up to you

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id like to try that got a link?

There’s a Qlippothic middle pillar on the forum, just look it up, additionally Asenath Mason has a Qlippothic middle pillar in her Qlippoth books

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Does this mean that the aura expands through the practice of vamperism?

No as often bi-location is only mental projection or creating a false astral body like construct to inhabit. You would have to crystalize your soul enough in order to project and finish the process.

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What are some good beginner Qigong excerises?

Heaven and Earth Qigong is honestly best if you ask me, the dragons I work with and I are developing a Draconic qigong sequence

Taoist inner alchemy is probably the best full system you can use by mantak chia