What is the meaning of all this?

Hey guys, today I had a dream during my one hour nap and I need help figuring out what it means, so here I go:
I dreamed that I was hanging out with two friends(total strangers in real life), and we finished our way out to a pool where they made fun of me for wearing makeup (I didn’t know that we were gonna swim and I thought we would just hang out somewhere else). One of those two friends tho seemed to have something for me, like a crush.
Later on, we were now in my kitchen, that’s where a third person(unknown) appears and defends my insecurities, acting all defensive and such (bc of the other two joking around about me wearing makeup, weird thing was that this third person wasn’t there with us before), after he defends me I hug him for some minutes(I felt safe af), then when I end the hug and I go to look at him I no longer see anyone but a candle with a coffin and a powerful demon figure in it, sticking out of it, all made of wax, I was so confused. Seconds after, my grandmother appears and lets the water that was boiling spill (the machine that boils the water was damaged) that was next to the toaster that began to create spark, plus the coffee machine that was next to all that as well began to not react well, since it was making coffee. We all panicked. While it all happened, a question came to my mind: “Where is King Paimon’s coffin?” (which is strange because he is not a spirit of a human, but I know there’s some symbolism behind it, I just don’t know what it is tho).
I’ve had a similar dream in the past but only included me hanging out with these friends.
Anyways, I usually don’t remember dreams with this much detail so I was quite surprised, as well as curious, since I’m working with King Paimon(it feels weird saying this since my senses are not developed but he has appeared in three dreams so far, as well as other things happening).
So if someone could help me, I would be really thankful :blush: Thanks for reading!


The coffin means change and the candle means a decisive event or special focus may change your future with you gaining more social acceptance. All the appliances failing are signs that you feel your life and family relationships are falling apart or not working, although you may try and fix them, they continue to fail.


Thanks! That was a great interpretation, it’s pretty accurate. I’m still waiting to know what others think about the rest as well, but thank you so much! I know it’s a lot of details so I understand you only mentioning that, but you still helped me a lot! :slightly_smiling_face: