What is the difference between thought and spirit?

Hi. How do you define the correlation between thought form and spirit?

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Thoughtforms don’t have a soul until you choose to give them one while a spirit is born, has a soul, and not born from thought atleast in the same sense as a thoughtform.

A thoughtform is born from your imagination given whatever form you want to give it.

A spirit is born from parents in most cases or a creator and from there they procreate.

Though I think there’s a topic on this already but in case it’s not there.


To answer your title “what is the difference between thought and spirit”, the chaos answer is there is no difference. It is animism in its highest form.


There is no difference but the complexity of their patterns and fields of information. Our creations are limited because we ourselves as creators are limited and forgo giving our creations means to advance without us.


Thought forms are mostly vampiric and need attention in order to feed and be able to manifest. Is a win - win situation. Spirits exist and are eternal


Thought comes from the brain/mind. Spirit is external, energy.

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