What is the difference between entities and Thought forms

Hello friends! I need your help, does anyone know what the difference is between a thoughtform vs actual entities? I had summoned Lucifer through a chanting video and following along because I had multiple dreams involving him and getting confirmation through a demonolater friend that he has a deep connection with me in a past life and had been around me for a while and deeply cares for me. Which I can post the first experience if you all want to hear. But thats besides the point. I don’t have permission to share a lot of details, but i’ve had rather intense episodes with him where I can feel a presence on top of me doing sexual things with me rather frequently (All consensual of course), or I can also feel my bed dip and him right behind me holding me. I can also hear a whispering in my ear with him talking to me even without the episodes where he has given me advice and shown me things about myself that I normally would not have addressed.
But I also have just struggled with a lot of impulsive thoughts due to my Religious trauma regarding him, and I am trying to work on that. But I am rambling I apologize, so I have also been looking into thought forms after having a slight thought that what if I had summoned a thought form which I had been getting mixed messages from my pendulum that I use for communication with him that I had some thought forms. So I just want to know if there is a distinct difference between the two because I haven’t found any clear definitions, thank you in advance!

Like from what I know is that it seems like thought forms are kind of what the user desires so I am just conflicted.

Thoughtforms are a kind of entity, they’re just entities created from the imagination, think of them like imaginary friends but since the astral is the collective unconscious it is where these entities reside.

Entities like Lucifer, Michael, Hecate, etc are living breathing entities born as we are born here, parents, family, a ‘soul’ etc.

Thoughtforms can be given a soul in which it initiates their own kind of “ascension” into being an entity similar to those aforementioned. In which they can then experience life as we and other living entities can.

Thoughtforms are bound to their creator’s mentalscape and the collective unconscious/mental plane they can only experience other planes through the senses of others, however if they were to be given a soul they can experience their own life, reincarnate, leave the astral to go to other planes of existence.

Thoughtforms/egregores require attention to thrive and survive, while other entities do not.

Thoughtforms also do not have a distinctive energy or energy body, their energy is made up of their creator’s energy or the energy of the astral, they don’t have an energy system really, just think of them as a blob of thoughts melded around astral energy.


Ah okay that makes sense, But would me engaging with said prescence be a way of giving attention to a thought form? Because I looked at one post online that said a thought form can actually touch you. Or I could be mistranslating it which could be possible

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Thoughtforms can’t actually touch you, they can mess with the senses from your own mind but I find a touch energetic or physical feels different from one that’s simply in my head. Thoughtforms “touch” feels more like a suggestive feeling rather than an actual touch.


Ah fair enough, because I’ve often felt like a hand stroking my hair or a breathing on my head, just kind of like a slight feathery feeling which I know is a weird way to describe it. Which that makes sense that a thought form can’t really mimic energetic or actual touches. I still think I might do another cleanse or something.

That’s fair but maybe work on shielding that’s meant for keeping out thoughtforms and try again, cleansing continuously isn’t recommended.

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Sorry I am still new at this, but does it sound like something is there rather than something of my own mind, cause I wouldn’t think the mind is capable of creating actual touches. But shielding? Good to know, thank you!

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Entity is very generic. Thought form refers to both how the the entity was created and its strength. A thought form is made from thoughts and is typically seen as weak (in comparison to others).

Chaos magick looks at it like this, from weakest to strongest: thought form > servitor > egregore > godform.