What is the Darkness?

Hi, I understand in E.A’s book he mentions the darkness as a force formed and fed by humans. Is that right? I’m trying to understand HIS darkness compared to my thoughts on it.

I wish to start the WOD exercises and need to understand the nature of what I am looking for. To me darkness in general has so many different forms and feeling to it. Some feel good, while others… not so much.

Is it like what I consider death energy? I have a monster to feed every now and then and I read or look at stuff that most people would rather not. So I know how they make me feel when the monster is fed and the curiosity is sated. At first it’s exciting, and educational, and an adventure into darker areas of life…and then…ugh. No more please.

So is it one of these feelings, all of them, or not even close?

The quiet sad depressing feeling you get when you see too many pictures of dead people, like momento mori, or read stories about death like on findadeath.com. Too many of those, and I start to not feel to good.

The chaotic uncomfortable RED feeling I get when watching senseless slaughter like Helter Skelter, or The Amityville murders? You know, just blood everywhere, a chaotic evil gross dirty feeling?

Is it like the cold paralyzingly terrifying malice of an evil spirit that has infested a place like a house? Like the feeling you get reading too many evil spirit haunting stories?

Is it electrifying, energizing, and exciting? Like a feeling of being powerful, and in control? Having everyone on puppet strings super bitch type feeling?

I am serious about doing this right, but I have experienced what I call darkness in so many forms, I don’t know which E.A is referring to.

I would guess cold malice, but would like to make sure so I don’t link up with something off topic.

I also have a hard time fearing it. I have tried without a load of success because trying to relax and remember all these steps in a meditation just distracts me, but it is something I want. Maybe I have experienced it many times before on the mundane level, and seek it out, and respect its importance in human experience? Maybe there is too much familiarity and respect for fear to be a factor?

I also have a side to me that craves it. I can’t have it 24/7 or I’d go mad, but I need it on some level to stay sane and whole. I feed off it, in the form of horror movies, true crime, pictures of murder and death, autopsies, stories of psychotic patients, curses, severe hauntings, executions, you name it, I’ve probably seen it.

Maybe that’s why I feel a shift in the room’s energy, but I’m not repulsed?

I think it could really hold you back if you focus too much on whether you’re feeling ‘the right thing’ or having ‘the right response’ - this is something that’s probably going to vary from person to person, so the best way is to make the trial and allow yourself to experience it as it comes to you.

Words can only go so far, as with most magickal experience (I’m drawing an important distinction between magickal experience and the tangible results a well-applied ritual can manifest in our ‘everyday reality’), but of the possibilities you listed my -own- experience comes closest to “electrifying, energizing, exciting” - but this is not necessarily going to be the case for you, or for anyone else. We have to have our own experiences, and trust ourselves to actually let them happen without our mundane judgement trying to force a mundane status quo, rather like the Proktophantasmist in von Goethe’s Walpurgisnacht scene.

If you do still want to read others’ accounts, this thread has a basic list of a few: http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/black-magick-the-left-hand-path/meeting-the-darkness-5694/msg63791/#msg63791.

However, you will find that along with similarities there are going to be differences, and it’s important not to screw yourself over looking to duplicate another’s experience when that could be stopping you from having your own.

Best of luck! I love this exercise - it can be a real eye-opener!


is Magick!

it is She! SHAKTI

Prima Materia!!



oh yes. all of it.

the most precise word to describe the FEELING of Darkness would be


it is like all the sensations combined. you get comfort.

but i guess you have to worm your way through this, and ENJOY all the sensations of the Dark.

like… terrifying ideas, cold, thickness, cthonic visions (all that crawls)

i think that the GENERAL IDEA is that over time you equate your own point of self awareness to that of the Darkness. over time.


Thanks everyone! I do have tendency to overthink, which ruins more things than just magic. I was just thrown by the seeming insistence that it had to be a horrendous experience, when I always thought of darkness as empowering, and like Bahamuthat said “comforting”. I keep worrying about being “perfect” at an exercise, when subjectivity, and letting go are what makes it “perfect”.

Ok. Thanks. When I tried this before I didn’t have a super powerful experience, cause I’m not that developed yet, but still, the few sensations and emotions I got was like a visit from an old friend, or “lover” even.

I guess Darkness will have a different meaning, relationship and personal chemistry with everyone, just like any other force or entity.

darkness is where you go to see the true light.
where you’ll find calmness , silence, and real comfort.

Yay! Thank you Arann! That means that it is the same Darkness I have known so for so long. It just felt like a place to me. A quiet place where you can think and rest. I never felt alone in it. There was always something I couldn’t see, but it never bothered me. So I guess it would only feel horrible to someone who just came out of Wicca or Christianity?

I tried the exercise again, and the confusion left me. I knew it was ok to feel whatever I feel, and it was awesome! I was so high I couldn’t sleep, and I knew I want this presence with me forever.

I feel more alive after the meditation. Things have color and life. The world looked so plain and grey to me. I’m not a depressive person, but after the meditation, everything was infused with life and mystery. I actually found myself giving a crap about my surroundings!

yes, you got my point in there. That’s what made it feared by misled people, programmed in their brains that darkness is evil often associated with evil things and death. I do believe that darkness is where peace in one’s self is. And yes, darkness refering to that peaceful existence can be called a place, for lack of apropriate term, though you can also refer to it as a space more often used as terminology for nonphysically existing places or whatsoever they are. well atleast not proven to be physically existing.

I also want to add, true indeed that darkness is where death is. I agree with that idea of association between death and darkness. But, the mistakenly portayed idea of death is what I disagree of. It has been, for long, portayed in minds that rotting of physical body is death itself. Well atleast that made it valid as a definition to it as a slang word. What I know is that death is the separation of that other self from the physical one. That does not mean rotting of the physical part. It does mean, as already have been written in some doctrines( misunderstood by christians in there study) that after death will only you be able to see that other world, separation from physical existence that which was and will be the only way to attain your higher self. That higher self would be who will bring you heaven itself. To be a god is to see heaven from inside out.

So that’s it. Just wanna share some things related to it that you might wana know. :wink:

Darkness is not just some absent empty or dark space. Darkness is taking Light to the Greatest Depths (Da’at knowledge of Belial) which in magick can be thought of first concieving a thought and then energizing it and then bringing it to the most physical levels. What you choose to believe and embody will be what that darkness reflects. So Darkness then is simultaneously like a Time, a Space and Dimension of something specific in ones Experience, It is neither good or bad, but simply just IS… Which is just simply the “dark lamp vessel” (body and physical space in all its totallity in relation to all else) in kabbalah. But then the concept of this in kabbalah isnt necessarily religious, or cultural or anything but what you make it.