What is the coolest/most interesting thing you have done (or heard about) during an out of body experience?

Out of body experiences sound so cool. Please share your experiences.

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One summer I was sleeping on the couch and felt my chest rocking. I had a dream or vision of a tunnel, slimy stone cube walls, dry ground. I see the end of the tunnel, dark and solid, but someone is sitting beside the door on a stone bench, hooded gray or brown robe, not looking at me but staring at the door. I felt uneasy at about five yards away from it and woke up.

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Had an out of body experience while sharing a bed with a lady. I floated up to the ceiling, fully aware of my surroundings.

The cool part: She had a dream that I was hovering over her and woke up, a bit creeped out, only to find me curled up facing away from her , sleeping quietly.

We had not discussed my out of body experiences nor had I primed her to think that I dabbled in the occult. (Back then, I only meditated and had lots of OBEs)


The fundamental truth behind truth, which I’m not at liberty to share. Those that have seen it know what I mean, those that haven’t, must discover it for themselves.

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Melting into everything.

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It all started with a nap!

Woke up from the nap, got up and went to turn on my light. After I flipped the light switch, my lamp didn’t turn on. “Must be a burned out bulb” I thought. Well, I start to look around and realize my room is sparkling. Like everything was covered in glitter!

“I’m still asleep…this is a dream” So at this point I’m lucid and aware of where I am. Or do I? This was unlike any other lucid dream I’ve ever had. Usually, I’m mid adventure or in the swing of things before that realization occurs. This was… different.

Now anyone who is into lucid dreaming knows that once you are aware… excitement is a real killer… grounding yourself immediately is important… or else you wake up!

I was too excited and couldn’t resist waking up. I felt my awareness re-enter my body.

So there I am. Laying on my bed. My eyes flutter open and my body is completely LOCKED. You guessed it…Sleep Paralysis. Rather than freak the F out (which is common) I closed my eyes and began to focus on my third eye.

Here’s where things get weird. I felt an energy coursing up and down my body, from head to toe. My “sight” was located on my chest. Hard to explain, it was like I had a new set of eyes peering out from my heart/solar plexus chakra.

In front of this new “sight” was, what appeared to be, a light (more like a figurative pane of glass) and a Question. “Are you willing to risk it all for this experience”? - Keep in mind, this energy culminating on my chest made me feel like I was having a heart attack. “Are you willing to die for this”? these types of questions, in hindsight, were telling me to let go of the fear. You can’t do this stuff if you’re afraid.

In a “Fuck It” moment I pushed through the pane of glass/light. (All done through will)

It felt like someone put a plunger to my chest and pulled me out. There was an audible POP/CRACKLE.

Next thing I knew I was floating over my body. Like a ghost. I couldn’t control myself from floating upwards and I began to roll over in the air. I look over my room, guess what? Sparkles - Glitter - Everywhere on everything. Everything had a vibration/life force to it.

As I continued to roll over I realized I was about to see myself laying in bed. There I was. Am I dead? I want to go back! Time to stop, Oh boy, I’m freakin’ out!

Then my eyes opened. Awake in my bed. FULL OF ENERGY! I couldn’t believe how refreshed I felt.

That was the first time I popped out. :grinning:

I would also like to add that there was no - what I call - “Void space” when I woke up/re entered.

That empty, timeless zone we all go through when falling asleep and entering a dream, or ending a dream and waking up. When It was over - I was awake to think about what had happened. No fogginess whatsoever.

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I got so high once I left my body just to watch it spin on a blue orb of energy. I could feel the earth turning for the rest of the night… Still can if I focus

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