What is the best spirit (gods, demon) for extreme protection and prolong life

whats the best spirit for
EXTREME protection (physical and spiritual)
even maybe bullet proof :smile: and spiritual protection , physically and spiritualy unharmed after attacked

and spirit who can give you skill to prolong life

gods demon or Whoever

Mmm well you can evoke Azazel to teach you how to protect yourself, but the kind of protection you are looking for might be out of your reach, unless you really devote time and effort to it. I mean I have seen and heard cases where a monk can stop a gun from being fired at him using his mind only. But it’s Years of practice. As for prolonging life… well I believe that with possession you can live on as another person. As for living as yourself… well I guess meditation along with good healthy habits.

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ok thx

just kidding for bullet proof just hyperbole :smile:


I have read that Olympians Spirits can prolong life to many years. As far as protection is concerned, any Martian spirit could be helpful as they are warriors. Archangel Michael is one good option. Goetic King Bael is said to make people invincible.

i have ever evoke michael but no response from him

but after evocation! i dont like the “side” effect
i become an impatient person
my emotion are easily ignited

Bael, no response too! but i will try again

Olympian Martian Spirit is Phaleg, he can give you the protection you are looking for. Ask him if he could prolong your life :wink:

ok thank you

how about ares? :wink:

You could also look into some of the spirits from the Book of Azazel and Kingdoms of Flame. There are spirits within those grimoires who specialize in “extreme” protection.

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I have never worked with Ares nor Phaleg. I cant say for sure who is the right spirit. You could evoke them and ask :wink: